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"Jurassic Gods" is looking for 6 active members (1)
Alliance Needing Actives (1)
A spot just opened up for an active player (9)
How achievable are level 5 in the alliance missions? (6)
The Bloodline is recruiting (1)
Welcome to Meanwhile in Mesozoic! (3)
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Carnage Collectors is a family friendly alliance looking for a few new members! (17)
Swiss Alphas Pack recruiting or looking for an alliance merge! (1)
White River Legion is recruiting! (1)
Looking for active players join Brotherhood of Naughty (1)
Active player looking for a active team (11)
Looking for active members to join GlobalAllianceOfJWA (1)
New Alliance: Pachyceratops (1)
I am a new player, let me join your team, thanks (12)
DinosOfAnarchy has room for 3 active players (1)
"Sojusz Dinozaurow" Looking for new members (1)
Looking for dutch/ belgium active players (8)
JW Elite Germany recruiting (1)
Looking for active members (1)
Alliance for psycho dino lovers ;) (1)
Hardcore member, looking for an Hardcore team (17)
DADDY ISSUES is Looking for some fun new members to join my crew (2)
Disappointed with no Alliance Leader Tools (7)
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Buscamos gente para alianza NextCombat - Lima - Perú (1)
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Alliance Recruiting (Chickens and Ducks) (1)
Question for all alliance leaders (6)