0.8.15 can't continue a challenge

Started a challenge. Made it to room 7. Game crashed.

Now, when the game starts, a pop-up appears with the stats for the challenge and no option except “Continue” (previous versions let you quit the challenge from here).

Click continue and stuck at a perpetual loading screen.

Have cleared data and cache for the app. As soon as it’s logged in, the challenge forces me to continue and stuck at the loading screen.

Considering just how bad version 0.8.15 has been, this seems to be a pretty strong hint to just quit. :frowning:

Any suggestions on how to get my level 12 party back?

Do you know what triggered your crash? Mine usually happen when collecting loot (from a secret/hero room chest, previously from a challenge chest, and now from a challenge end reward) while I have one of “Laharal’s Quests” completed, but not collected (as will happen during the course of a challenge). Might also be triggered by the same event when I have a NEW upgrade available on a piece of equipment.

I’m sorry to hear that is happening in your game @Phoenix_Rizzen. Could you contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com so they can assist you further with this? It’d be helpful if you included your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

I don’t remember what caused the initial crash, or if it just timed out the connection and had to restart due to moving between access points. But, it dropped back to the main screen, and brought up the popup with the continue button on it. And just keeps doing that. :frowning:

Overall, the game has been very stable on my Galaxy S7, and I’ve been impressed with it. Up until the 0.8.15 release, that is. What a horrid step backwards that is. :frowning:

I sent an e-mail to that address late last night. :slight_smile: Thanks!

@Phoenix_Rizzen were you able to get a resolution on this? I emailed the support address as well to no response.

No, I haven’t heard back from the support email yet. :frowning:

Can’t continue log out logged back in stock.

See below can’t get past.

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I’m sorry that happened in your game @Roland_W_Rivard, and our team would be happy to assist you further with this. Could you contact our staff here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so they can take a closer look at your account?

Just heard back from Ted @ support. They’ve passed the message along to “the team”. We’ll see what happens next.

Lol only because you went too far in the dungeon… the last stage is now #15

I am also having this problem. Started a challenge a while back and didn’t log on for a week or two, during which the update happened. When I log in now, it prompts me to continue the challenge (with no other option but to “continue”) where I am perpetually stuck loading afterwards. Been weeks… I’ve yet to experience the new update :frowning:

You ain’t missing much. You’re really not missing much at all.

A few days ago, I found myself no longer stuck. I expect support found how to get me unstuck, but didn’t send me any follow up email to have me confirm this.

Anyhow, make sure you send in your support ticket, and they should be able to get you up and running again!

Thank you. I did send in a ticket, so sit, wait, and check I shall

My crash triggered as I had not collected items. I will be contacting support.
I had seen this pop up once or twice. I can not remember why this happen nor what triggered it.
Can you remember what triggered this for you?

Support did reply to me saying they’re looking into it, or something to that extent. “can’t tell you when it’s fixed, so check in intermittently” (paraphrasing) is all I know as of now

I’m able to play again, although the desire to isn’t really there anymore. When finishing a challenge goodness 50 XP, finishing a play level gives 20 XP, and you need 140,000 XP for the next level …