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0 Canada?

I know this is an offer for the Canadian national holiday, but I’m curious if “0 Canada” has a meaning or if this is a display error.
Can someone enlighten me?

It says “O Canada”

The letter “O”

Although part of Canada could be at 0 degrees rn.

O Canada is the Canadian National Anthem


Ok thank you, and thanks to Google I now know that it’s the national anthem.

Nevertheless I don’t know the font they use but for me it looks like 0 and not like O.
And if there is something to celebrate shouldn’t they give us a gift and not doing this incredible expensive offer?


I thought the same when I saw it, even though I assumed it was intended to be the national anthem. Definitely a bad font choice.

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Definition of Ó

Fifteenth letter, fourth vowel of the alphabet.
abbreviation west.
oxygen symbol.