0 DNA of a dinosaur? (mid-level/advanced players)


Hey there!
I started this topic to get some attention for dinosaurs, that I (as a start) and other players haven’t gathered any DNA of so far. (non-hybrids)

Tenontosaurus (never encountered, I know the area, where it should probably spawn, but I wasn’t lucky so far)
Erlikosaurus (encountered twice in about 65 days, first time I was at work and couldn’t go after it, second time it was gone before I could reach it)

Gallimimus (any idea, where it would spawn?)
Ornithomimus (same as Tenontosaurus)
Brachiosaurus (ok, probably Arena 8 and future special events?)

I wager, that there are more of you with similar circumstances.


Brachio will migrate from Canada where there’s a event that features only Brachios. But I don’t know when it will start migrating. Maybe it will be in dinosaur of the day event next week or so.


It’s Canada only? I never knew that. I had wondered when it would appear.


As if I were heard, I got astonishing 56 DNA of Erlikosaurus today at work (something around 100m distance) ^^


First 2 are luck in the specific zone, for example i saw tons of elrico epics in my zone, but must move to a piroraptor or sinoceratop zone and hope i find one whit luck.

The last 3 are arena exclusive


I had imagined I should’ve been more lucky with Erlikosaurus, because it lived (and still lives):

  • where my parents live
  • where I work
  • the next village
  • the next big city (main station and center)

Pre 3.11: 1 Encounter in about 60 days
Past 3.11: 2 Encounters in 3 days

Maybe a sign for more lucky encounters in the future :slight_smile: