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0% dodge, not a joke

Is someone having this problem? after yesterday’s update, my hybrids are not dodging anything, pterovexus and erlidominus, 0% dodge, I’ve played around 10 games and no dodge, I’m not exaggerating, if someone else has this problem notify me here, since I have 0% dodge, and i’m lossing around 100 trophies for the 0% dodge

someone else?

Me. I haven’t got a dodge with Procerath since 1.7 came out.

I had an unboosted indo dodge my boosted thor 3 times and win… it didnt even bother me a little.

omg, well maybe the error is not for all the users, bro hear me, this is not a joke, I just played a friendly match, in which I chose my pterovexus and erlidominus, and guess what ?, 0% dodge, this bug
, well this is a extra bonus, look at the idiom, It’s German when I’m Spanish

I’m confused… Why is the pinning move the one that’s circled?