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0 impact on Mono in strike event?!


Just watched my hubby make his 3rd attempt on the strike event today against procera, dilopho, and mono. He was doing pretty good until the mono. He had a full health lvl 18 allosino and mono did distracting. He hit with armor piercing and got 0 impact then hit with instant and again 0 impact. I’ve never seen that before has anyone else ever ran into this?


yes. thats what double distract will do to you. you hit for 0% untill you cleanse or it wears off. so first distract lowers you to 50% damage then second to 0%.


If you get hit twice with distracting it goes to zero. -50% for the first time. -50 for the second. Equals 100% distract in this game. The effects are cumulative from the base amount.

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Yup, what the other responses said. Also, to avoid this from happening, either have immunity or faster speed so you can knock out the monolophosaurus before you get debuffed.

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Same can happen with pyroraptor


wait till you face pyroraptor today. I’ll bet it will double distract you and do 0 damage again.
EDIT: does distracting impact turn 1 and then pounce turn 2


Use any dino with Superiority strike to cleanse distraction. I started with Thor and switched to Stegodeus before Monolopho.

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Thanks everyone! I guess I just never concidered that it could double up on the distracting. I’m a higher lvl than my hubby so this was never a concern for my team.