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0 rating opponent


So just got trashed by this Guy and look him up after in my recent opponents.
It says his trophy count is 0 and he is in arena 1 but i fought him in arena 7?
Whats going on?


Probably you fought him while the ban rollout was in effect :woman_shrugging:


No, this happened earlier too. Maybe a bug or some. Try to reboot (off->on) the phone and watch again, maybe it will be fixed :slight_smile:


You are correct, i triede to close the app and open again and now it shows his true rating


Glad to help :smiley:


The same thing happened to me just now. I’m in arena 6 and just lost to an opponent that is in arena 7 and has over 3100 awards when I only have 2985. How can I battle someone who’s in a different arena? This has happened twice. Very annoying!


Thats not the issue up there. The issue was that he/she cant see the trophies of her/his rival :slight_smile:

I dunno how matchmaking is done in this game sorry


What levels are the rest of his team?!

3800 + trophies with a level 15 pyro and raptor :frowning:


The match making, according to Ludias FAQ is based exclusively on trophy count. The type of Dinos, arena etc. Does not affect pairings. Not sure what the max trophy difference they allow but that # in your example is perfectly reasonable. 100 trophies can be won in 3 battles if you are lucky. If they only paired teams that are within 10 trophies of each other you would be waiting endlessly for an opponent.


Pretty sure when he beat you he jumped up into the next league which is why he showed higher than you.