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0 trophies & my alliance

I just logged in and when I saw my friends list, realised that they all have 0 trophies. But I still have my ~2600 listed next to my name, so I’m at the top of the list. Does anyone know why that would be?

Also, my Alliance is TerraAustralis. I’m the only active member so hoping others might want to join and help out. Also because I need Velociraptor DNA desperately and no one to help me out :joy:

This happens all the time- showing 0 tropies is a sign that haven’t been on in a few days.
When you log on after a couple days- it’s shown as 0 to others. When you battle, friendly included, it reads your normal number.
That’s what I believe anyway- I think it’s what happenes

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Hey Gabrielle_Pusser, as @Sarahsaurusrex had explained, once your friends from your list re-logs into the game, it should display their trophies normally again. I hope that cleared things up a bit. Also, if you’re looking for new members to join your Alliance, this section of the forum here might be helpful:

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Thank you for letting me know!