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[02.04.2020] Staff Impersonation

There has been a rise in people impersonating staff. We want to remind everyone that doing so will result in a ban on your primary account and a Permanent ban of the fake staff account.

If you are being DM’d by someone with the staff icon and want to be sure you are talking with Ludia staff (be it a moderator, community manager or support staff) you can go to their profile and view their badges. All staff has the staff badge and a corresponding position badge (moderator, community manager, support, etc). These badges have to granted by a forums admin and are the best way to verify an account if you are not sure.

Stay safe guys!


JWA Players:

I and Isabelle are not called J.C and Isabelle in-game. I have had a few reports of people battling us. Sorry guys that’s not the case.