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03/14 - 03/15 Trial Tower

This is the case where my 2nd account with 94 level 20 & 21 creatures is better than my primary account as I more easily beat the trials than those level 30 strike towers.

I used my 2nd account 21 Grypolyth to easily defeat the trial but my primary’s best was a 21 Gryposuchus which lost… (level 21 because of an accidental evolve :rage: ). They really need an “Are you sure” or “Commit” button or 30 second chance to undo.

So the closest I had was a level 17 Gigaspikasaur which I leveled to 20 and was able to just barely beat the trial on my primary account.

My first sense it that trial towers will push players into leveling other things up and spend coins is still my thinking as I did this to beat one.

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I used my level 20 Gigaspikasaur (my nickname for her is Gigi) on the last trial too and barely beat it. The end was really nerve wracking. :flushed:

I was kind of surprised by how much damage a level 8 team could do to a level 20 Gigaspikasaur. I went with Gigaspikasaur over Grypolyth because of the armor.

I feel like the field of creatures you can use should be expanded. That was much too close than what I felt it should be. :grimacing:

Grypolyth has a 50% heal which helped along with the rending counter to break shields.

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Ahhh!!! Thanks for letting me know. I need to familiarize myself with her moves. I need to add her to my friendly battles team or strike towers to practice. :slightly_smiling_face: