03.25.22 Tourney points not 30/30

We’re getting reports that the tourney point system isn’t 30/30. Has anyone else experienced this?

Edit to tag @Ned since we have confirmation of this.


Got 27 on my first match, 22 on my second one; between game 1 and 2, the game was “updated”, whatever that means.

It’s a year that we keep going on and on with this; I wonder HOW the rewards for matches automatically updates without Ludia knowing. It’s quite a mystery.


It’s not 30/30 i got 20,21,24,31 for a win …

Ludia …

10 chars

I saw my fiancé get 27 on her first win from 760 entry points. Should be 30.

Isn’t this what everyone hated and ludia changed it? Now, surprise! Here it is.

it’s not 30/30

Fought my way to the top with lots of 20’s and then took a 40 point lost. Meh. also has that , I count your 10 take down bug again as well to get that bonus points.

Definitely not 30 points got 18/22/20 then 40 for a loss

Hey DPG members, this is currently being investigated by our team!

Thank you for notifying us!

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+1 here
I thought it was intentional and I missed it


Hey DPG members, this should be fixed now! :smiley:

Please restart your game to allow the fix to be applied.