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04/06/2019 epic strike tower plan


Hi everyone, don’t know if this topic will be useful but it’s still a 3 lvl 30 tower so…

For reminder:

Hp 4741
Dmg 1094
Armor 30%
Speed 108
dss counter

Hp 4012
Dmg 1034
Speed 125
Armour piercing counter

Hp 4085
Dmg 912
Speed 108
Armour piercing counter

I suppose that dsunga will swap in turn 1 as he did this to me in every strike battle. I assume dioraj will open too and come back after dsunga dies but I could be wrong ^^

So if dioraj open and swap to dsunga:

My team

Tryo 21 or pyrri 20
Indo 23
Thor 23
Dracocera 20

The plan for now , I will adjust it when someone try it if the order is wrong or no swap in from dsunga

Start with tryo and rtc
DSR on dsunga

Dsunga kills tryo

Indo comes in
Cleansing impact to finish dsunga

Dioraj comes back

Indo dsr and should survive any strike of dioraj except crits

Indo strike and dies

Thor comes in

Thor dsi and kills dioraj

Majundasuchus comes in.

Thor dsr, should survive
Thor dsi