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04.21 epic tower gameplay and help

Post here :grinning: to help us all

Good luck all. I dont see an epic tower anywhere on the whole map and I dont feel like dragging myself all over town again today, Im gonna skip this strike. :slight_smile:

Tenontorex started with distraction, 2nd turn swap to Eddi.

Immunity is key here (Erli, Magna, Tryo)

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Yep - took it down with an immune team - Magna, Erlidom, Tryo (not used) plus Dracocera - only Draco died. Paramoloch only used basic strike :rofl:

Tenonto started with distract.

Paramoloch went for Instant Charge and Greater Stunning Strike against me…

I also dont see any towers on my map. I thought these were supposed to be more evenly spaced?

Here is my attempt. Went with only one immune dino, little harder though.


That 20% crit chance on tenonto seems like a misprint :sweat_smile:

He crit 3x in a row on me

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Any strategy you can suggest for me?
Really need an epic incubator and the coins.

Chk this out, team setup is similar to wat u have, but not sure if u have dimo


I always love these towers because they are so hungry for my 200 hard cash :smiley:
Tryo (20% crit chance); Magna (20%); Thor (40%): got 1 crit out of these 3
Edmontoguano (5%); Paramoloch (5%): 2 crits :smiley:

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Did it with :

  • Procerathomimus lvl 22
  • RAT lvl 21
  • Trykosaurus lvl 21
  • Thoradolosaurus lvl 22 (didn’t use)

I don’t remember exactly how I did it but I Distracted as possible I can. Swap to RAT to achieve Edmonto. Finished job with Tryko with distract and counters

Order was (if I’m not wrong) : Procera - RAT - Procera - Tryko


That was a close one! Congrats!

Dont have an epic strike near home too so I will do it tomorrow … sorry for those who wait for my video …

I’m not the player in the vid, tho I followed his game play n cleared the tower :smile:
So tot it wld be useful to share, as the dinos he use are not so demanding.

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Absolutely. It’s a tough tower. It is literally right outside my front door, so just trying to come up with a strategy for it. Sorry to hear others don’t seem to have towers around them - bleh. I am., for some reason, surrounded by them today… Bleed approach is solid, but the possible stun on the swap has me worried.

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Here’s what I plan to do, don’t know if I forgot something though. I suppose edmon comes in turn 2 so… don’t have to deal with any stun with this plan :slight_smile:

Team: procera 22, thor 24, draco 20, utasino 20

Start with procera ID, then distracting ramp on edmon. Nullify strike on edmon.
ID to tank stunning rampage

Swap to thor. Thor dsi kills edmon,

dsr on para then swap to dracocera.

Para kills draco.

Procera finish para or ID on tenon if para run. Rampage on tenon, tenon kills procera.

Utasino distracting so 0 damage from tenon. Utasino kills tenon with decelerating strike.
Kills para after if he ran before.

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Sounds like a pretty solid plan. I had forgotten about Procera. My Proc and Thor are a lvl under yours. Have a lvl 24 Sucho which I was thinking of using, but I like the Proc approach because that SIS seems like a big risk. If it misses? All good, but if it hits it is game over. Was thinking of my lvl 22 Tryk instead of Thor to take the hits - thoughts on that @Pepito_Aie?

It was tricky for me… more than yesterday, when I got lucky :sweat_smile: