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07/28/20 Suggestions

Okay, first off: Great concept and start of this game. Its a great tinder knockoff. Some sweet moves in the conversation lol.

#1: I love the no ads, but I know apps need to make a company money in order to keep updates and whatnot going. I suggest adding a subscription type service, such as $13.99 gives you unlimited gems for a month. Or $6.99 and get 30 gems a day for 30 days. That kind of thing. Charging too much really makes me quit a game quickly, so try to avoid that.

#2: After someone goes offline, there is quite a wait for more responses. Either it should be easier to get more matches, they should respond more or there should be something to do in the meantime, such as a mini game or something.

#3: Gendered and Non-gendered conversations. One should be able to choose their gender and their sexual preferences. It would feel much more personal to me if i was able to match with more guys who liked guys. It would make the conversations feel more alive.

#4: Things cost too much: Although you do have those people that are willing to spend lots of money on phone games, this genre of game might not be that kind of game. Its hard to get more gems and i personally, would spend maybe 5 dollars on gems, unless given a deal on a subscription service. (See #1 for more)

I’ll keep checking in to see what improvements have been made and what updates the game has. But those are my immediate suggestions :slight_smile:


Great suggestions

Yesss exactly what i thought

All of this!

One of the things that attracted me to the game in the first place was being able to select men and women. Allowing yourself a pronoun makes it all the more personal and feels more immersive.