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09/10/21 - 09/13/21 I-rex Gyrosphere tips and tricks

Anyone been doing this? Notice any patterns? If i remember correctly in one of the previous ones there was a strategy to select more of one class of aquatic vs the others. Anything like that going on on this one?

Share your experiences good and bad

I might try 1 or 2 on D2’s game, depending on how they go maybe I’ll try a couple on D1’s game as well.

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D1’s game. 1 for 1

Forgot to get pic of 1st battle, it was a reef and 2 surface I think.

Last battle was tough, atk 3 block 1 pattern was only way I won. got lucky on 1 turn as well opponent atk 5 and not full 6.


wait we have an indominus rex gyrosphere? it was not mentioned in the weekly schedule

Most people won with 3 attack 1 block pattern. It’s not a guarantee, but your best bet at the end. Only a select few actually won it without the pattern.


Had a go on D2’s game and lost. Guessed wrong in the 4th battle and the opponent reserved all and i lost my last surface and left me with only 2 at end. Had a small chance but didn’t work out. This was also a pretty poor lottery, I was trying to prioritize reef creatures based on all the surface from what I saw on D1’s game and didn’t end up with the best. Snagging a solid reef creature would have helped a lot.Krono’s attack is great but I’d rather have something with more health for a Gyro of this nature.

For 2 attempts they were each heavy with surface creatures.


I’m 2/3. Won both Jurassics thanks to the 3 attack 1block pattern. I’ve found the aquatic much more difficult. I think the aquatic was one reef and the rest surface and cave.

The Jurassic is carnivore heavy. The first battle was an Indoraptor both times and the last battle 3 strong carnivores.the middle three had 2 carnivores each. First time I also faced a strong herbivore in the middle and second time a strong flyer.

If you can manage to get a fodder and strong amphibian on the last one you should be able to get to the pattern.


I did 10 events spread over different accounts, I won 7 out of 10. For the jurassic I would recommend 3 amphibians, 1 at least VIP level 30 or higher or Gorgosuchus 20. Carnivores at least 1 with more than 2000 defense. Most of the time I got a dino with those characteristics.

:black_medium_small_square:The 1st Battle is always indoraptor between levels 1 and 6, it depends on the dinos you choose. I never attack the first turn, reserve and the next turn reserve 2 and defend 1, in all cases I attack with 1, which allowed me to beat him with the points I had.

:black_medium_small_square:2nd battle ceratosaur always appears, that is good because of its low attack it allows to reserve points, it came out accompanied by 2 Vip herbivores level 10 or similar, in some cases a pterosaur, here a carnivore comes into play to deactivate it.

:black_medium_small_square:3rd battle 2 carnivores, including trodon. Easy for a couple of amphibians.

:black_medium_small_square:4th and 5th battle: 3 carnivores, all between 4500 and 6000 defense, (depends on the dinos you choose) Gorgosuchus or similar amphibian can defeat them with a 2 hit attack. The ideal is to reach this last battle with him to make things much easier. I add images of those fights in the different accounts.

Secondary account

My main account

Third account

:diamonds: It should be mentioned that the AI ​​seeks to reach 6 points; If he has 4 points, he will reserve 2 and defend 2. Likewise if he has a class disadvantage he will not attack until he reaches 5 points, here he can attack you with 5 if he can beat you or he will reserve 3 to reach 7 points.


On the aquatic issue, without a doubt your recommendation helps a lot, I used 3 reefs, 2 surfaces. At least 1 tournament legendary level 20 or similar of each type.

:black_medium_small_square:The first 2 battles are very simple, even with a single creature (the strongest) you can spend 2 battles, so you have meat shields for the next 3 battles.

:black_medium_small_square:The final battle is against 3000 defense surfaces. Trying to arrive with 2 reefs is ideal.

:diamonds:I did not take all the captures of these battles, but they are 3 different, the last one ended in defeat.

First Gyrosphere Acuatic

Second Gyrosphere

Last Gyrosphere , Lost


Looks like an impossible matchup with 3 creatures and i lost my i rex last battle because AI went bonkers and did 4 reserve when i was blocking 3 , had to sacrifice i rex . I’m so angry that I did not get a single powerful amphibian in the draft. I still took the amphibians over the more powerful carnivores when i could.


Hopefully the 3 attack 1 block pattern sticks for you.

It went full reserve from start till 6 reserve and attacked. Tried to use 3 attack 1 block but it went 2 block 2 reserve . Then i tried to do 5 block and it went 2 block 4 reserves . Couldn’t move past the 2nd dino in last battle.


Scoring the lvl 11+ VIP reef for the aquatic battles is ideal. It can definitely be done with less but if you see that, take it for sure.

1 for 2 today on D2’s game. 1 for 3 overall on her game and 2 for 4 overall on both D1 and D2’s games. Not one jurassic battle yet and i hate the aquatic one.

Lost 1st go today, bad draft, was forced twice to pick between 3 caves, garbage considering the surface heavy opponents. I quit out of the 4th battle when it was clear there was no way I was going to win.

2nd go was a little better, picked 1 decent surface, an ok cave and 3 ok reefs the best of the reefs being a lvl 8 VIP exclusive so nothing that great.

I lost 2 creatures on the 4th battle and was left with with only 2 reefs for the final against 2 surface and a cave. Luckily the cave was not to start. The cave could 1 shot me I risked it and reserved the 1st move and the AI swapped and the cave did not attack. I blocked 3, cave attacked 3, I blocked 3 again, cave attacked 3. Then i reserved 1 and blocked three and the cave stayed in that loop for 4 or 5 rounds of me building to 8 then attacking 4, blocking 3 reserving 1. Cave was left with 18 health after 4 or 5 rounds of that. I reserved to 8 again, took it out with 2 atk and the win was a sure thing after that aside from a button fumble.

Was worth it on her game, she can use some more I rex’s and I haven’t been playing too much so DNA isn’t that abundant plus I would rather use it on something other than carno’s

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First and only attempt was a Loss.

All I can say is that I am FED UP with the power descrepency among dinos both in selection and in these battles. This is why I loathe Gyrosphere battles. The success of each run is based solely off the power of dinos you selected. Thus if the selection is awful (like having 2 L30 base-legendary options and a L20 Ostaposaurus) the entire run is basically ruined.

Then with the hefty cost of entry it’s flat out not worth it.

After playing for 6 years, the fault isn’t me, but the best dino choice I got offered being a 3000 HP concavenator as the dino with the most HP in my sad list of choices.

Gyrospheres need an overhaul like what boosters had.


I would definitely like to see some consistency with the draft. The opponents are clearly somewhat predetermined why can’t we get similar consistency with the draft choices?

The one aquatic draft I was forced to pick 2 caves and I would have been happy with 0


I completely agree.

I played twice. The first time I got lucky with a L14 Indo Gen2 and won. (Still needed 1 save 3 block pattern to win at the end.)

The second time, no such draft luck and lost.

Neither time did I get a strong amphibian.


Tried 1 more on D2’s game. I had already won one and another I rex to make another lvl 11+ would be nice on her account.

I finally got a jurassic one, my draft seemed pretty good I thought but it was my 1st so not sure what some of the routine options are.

Ended up with a lvl 32 tany, lvl 20 gorgo, lvl 23 Mastodonsaurus, lvl 30’s Dimorphodon, and a lvl21+ Prion hybrid.

Got through 1st 2 battles without losing anyone, sacrificed the Dimorpho in 3rd battle, sacrificed the masto in the 4 and ended up losing the Prion in the 4th as well playing too aggressive and banking on the opponent atking 4 with their last dino, they didn’t and went 2 block 2 reserve.

5th battle I was left with the gorgo and the Tany, gorgo had just enough to survive 1 hit tany still had 3k health, I was able to build 4 reserve, sacrificed the gorgo, took out 1st opponent with tany then worked the 3 atk 1 block loop to clear the last 2 dino’s for the win.

3 for 5 overall now. Will probably try 1 more on D1’s game, she could use some I rex’s in prep for indoraptor.

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No way it works if I pick it…right?

Ugh… And another wasted option

Took the Ptero ^ in the last draft. Ended up winning pretty easily with very last dino in the last battle coming down to if it attacks I win, if it reserves I lose kinda thing.

Sacrificed the nunda in rd 3
Sacrificed the Ptera in rd 4 but also lost the Ostapo. Twice now in the 4th battle, after i build reserve, sacrifice 1st creature, take out opponent 1st with my 2nd, then take out 2nd opponent with my 2nd and have 3 moves, I have been blocking 3, as the last opponent can 2 shot me, so i expect them to go 4 atk but 2 times in a row now they did not and instead went 2 block 2 reserve and I end up losing my 2nd creature. Either way still worked out and won.

Was left with the meto and Darwin, sacrifice meto then clean house with darwin utilizing 3 -1 pattern.

Probably done doing these. won 2 on both D1’s game and D2’s game. Don’t technically need I-rex’s on my account so I won’t do the gyro’s on it.

Good luck to anyone else trying these

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