09/17 ~ 09/19 half weekly dinos


Choose any common you want + 18 Irritators.:thinking:
I think that might be 60 Dimetrodon Gen2 for someone.:joy:


what happened to the epics :thinking:

i know dim gen 2 makes the new hybrid, but it’s probably going to be awful, so taking this week of except for irritator


This event only last for 3 days.
So there might be something else in Thursday ~ Sunday.

Just a notice, only 23 hrs for collecting 18 Irritators will be very tight.


nah. the park i go to is huge. i can get 18 in an hour on a bike :+1:


Omg this means Magnapyritor for me!!!


Maybe they planned the new release to be online :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: