09/17~23 full weekly event


They just refreshed the weekly event list several minutes ago.

So… the epic Pterosaurs will come out.
Yes that’s fine.

Since Alan…I mean Alanqa is arena exclusive, also ingredient of hybrid, I’ll suggest focus on this one.


Honestly I think this is an awful event format…
Yes means you unlock new dinos but, Thursday and Friday blank… why not have other epics on those days, ones that we actually want for hybrids we’ve all been working on for months


Or even extend the pathetic 1 day for 3 dinos


Not really blank.
Those rare Pterosaurs last for 4 days.

But I’ll agree give us more time for collect 18 Irritators.:smile:


Im not interested in the 4 days of rare flyers… just catch what I see…

Why nothing Thursday and Friday for land dinos, when both are available today, why not have the same for next 2 days


Of the rare flyers, quetz is actually the best if you’re interested.


Hope the format isn’t like that every week… have petrosaurs or normal… not both… just 10 times harder to find what you want


Thanks for the Quetz tip. Was trying to figure that out.

Lucian made a mistake by making the special events a 7- day weekly one. Now everyone expects it and complains when it isn’t to their liking.


I’ve just had to farm for like 2 hours today just for irritator.


I agree … an extra day for irritator/etc would be nice … especially considering their respawn rate.
But 4 days of new “rare” Dinos isn’t bad either.

The overall number of Dinos available is more than most weeks so I’m at least happy to have that


Yeah they should have at least extended Wednesday rare into Thursday. 24 hours for 18 attempts when you only want 1 dino and other event drops have been taken up by flyers is silly, at least should have extended it.


Given the increase in event drops I’m finding it much easier to get 18 Irritator in one day as opposed to 18 in 3 days under 1.3; on 10 already and have Pyrritor ready to level up to 18 - just need some coin (hurry up tourney incubator).


I went out and only found 4 Irritators. I definitely won’t find 14 tomorrow before it ends. I only need 3 more to get it to lvl 15 then anything else goes towards fusing.


It’s ridiculous they give us one DAY to get Irritator DNA when I can’t even find it anywhere because all I see are pterosaurs or T-rex gen2 and very rarely Gorgosaurus.


They removed nearly all additional ones today, at least where I live. It’s crazy they give us 4 days to get pterosaurs and only one day for rare dinosaurs that we so desperately need to create legendaries.


Guess I’ve just been lucky


It’s been the same for me… I wouldn’t say more irritators but it does seem evenly balanced.

The 3 hour respawn rate is nice though


it was perfect when it was M,T,W for 60 commons. 2 days is ridiculous.
T,F for rares. 24ish attempts is very doable.
S,S for epics. 6 in two days is easy.


Hoping it’s not a big mix of birds and normal in the future… makes things you want alot harder to find


i’ll probably dart 1 pteranodon just to unlock it and then 5 on Alanqa