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1.10 is here?

Wow. I’m surprised. It’s gonna be a small update but ok. Imma do my thoughts.

Pros: thank you for nerfing procera!
Stygidaryx got a small buff, but a welcome one.
Touramoloch got a huge buff! Thank god!
Dodge got a good rework. Thank you
Blood effects are gonna be funny. I will love to see the rat bleed out.

Indoraptor and monomimus didn’t need an attack nerf. I hope I won’t have to take monomimus off my team now. It was a good attacker…
Not every dodge creature needed a nerf. It’s not op.
Ardentismaxima didn’t need a buff.


Ardentismaxima has now gotten more/better buffs than Procerathomimus ever had.

I agree maxima didnt neeeded this buff ,same with monomimus nerf but precerartomeme should get a damage nerf a real damage nerf not that one he got he still way too good for its rarity and its way too easy to create and level up

I’m glad maxima got a buff. What didn’t need a buff was Thor when it got 1 or 2 in a row a few updates back. Now it just destroys the arena. Maxima is like my only Thor counter.

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The reason you have such issues with thor is because you play without boosts… the balance Ludia looks at is max level. Max boosted.

You essentially play the game on a difficulty level that makes your opponents team feel like mini raid bosses

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It does put it at a higher difficulty level but I don’t seem to have the same problem everyone else does with dracoceratops. It’s Thor that’s the problem.

Couldn’t agree more with everything you said.

Wow, seriously? How could you miss the amount of counters Thor has?

Welcome… to the new and improved dodge meta!

He doesnt use any boosts so a 135 thor is faster then his team. Its like playing back during 1.7 before the speed boost rework

Oh I see. My comment is out of context then.