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1.10 Is the worst update yet

The boosts 2.0 are horrendous. I don’t know how your test groups work, but they are terrible. I don’t know how you thought this was a good idea.

The last tier system didn’t need a change, what needed to change were the only the stats (nerf how much stat boost improved a stat). 100 boosts for a single level? What are insane or something?

This system is terrible, is almost impossible to keep up. Unless a supreme buff to daily incubators is coming or a buff to how much boosts you can buy for 500 cash (it needs to be at least 50 now instead of just 25) the game is going on a fast decline.

Bring back the old tier system and rerroll everything again. You messed up BIG time.

If yoy trully wanted feedback, as the window that pops up every time you open the game now proclains, then you will read this and adress this problem.

This system is terrible, its the same thing as the darting you changed and inmediately changed it back. Literally NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS.

Change back to the old system. This only benedits the players with more money