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1.10 Procerathomimus

Will Procerathomimus still be a viable team member in 1.10?

yes. It’s gaining more dodge chance in exchange for some damage and health. It will still be viable and depending on rng, will have more survivability. I’m my opinion, it stayed roughly the same.


Hard to quantify this because armor will become more prevalent. It will of course still be fast but it’s going to have more obstacles in the new meta

It will all depend on how people boost it, but I believe it will not be as good. The boost limitations will leave one of its stats lacking, and it is really only good with all 3 jacked to the moon. I foresee the people who lean on it now trying to keep it viable, but then ending up giving up on it.


I forgot boosts were in this update when i made my original post. I’m going to agree with you here a bit. Health and damage will need to be roughly the same otherwise it falls to thors and high damage creatures. Speed not so much since its base is 131. Can do without some of those speed boosts.

Regardless Psycho Mexichicken will still be on my team. A little tweak is not going to deter me from utilizing it to it’s full potential. I will still annoyingly peck my opponents and distract them worse than an ADHD child.


Does anyone else find it somewhat ironic that the reward for this month is Proceratosaurus?

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Considering boosts 2.0 and chicken is among the fastest - boosts 2.0 will favor those with better speed I think. So yes, it will still be strong.

Ugh, I don’t want to think about it. It’s getting even nastier. It was already among the top 12 most powerful dinos in the game, it’s an accessible epic, and now it’s going to be better than Tryko. Yes, you should use it if you have it. Just… Just point it somewhere else. XD
Edit: Oh wait, I just saw what @Tuco pointed out! The stat boost change is getting reworked. I don’t know what that will do. It’ll probably tear down my Superthor (worthy cause, I think it’s a good move) and possibly crazy Proceratho with it. Honestly, my fingers are crossed for those results