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1.10 Tier List

We are done with the 1.10 Tier List! Here is the article and all of the images :grin:


No read it so can’t comment yet.

Just feel sorry for you with 1.11 teased so it will be irrelevant in 2 weeks or so :frowning:

Let me guess Delta still isn’t tyrant…Piere we need to have words :grin:

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1.10 was tough as it was being so close to 1.9. We still feel like it’s important to get it out though. We’ll be 100% ready when 1.11 comes as well :grin:


Unfortunately no…But I’ll try to fight for that one next time :wink:

Why does it say September 22 on the graphics heh.

Because I sometimes get November and September mixed up apparently :joy:. I’ll fix them a little later. That was all me having a brain fart.

Oh it’s not a problem my eyes were just fixated on it lol. Nice list.


I aways appreciate all of your teams knowledge and insight. Thank you.

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no problem. in some days they will nerf and buff them again and here we go swap positions once more.

i see unique indoraptor not changing position.

well… after dodge changes i can say at low library and high aviary it’s indoraptor party.

basically EVERYONE is using a speed turbo indo. and every single player using dodge moves, specially indoraptor and erlidominus. they are acrivating them even when seems not to be necessary. im gonna make another topic about. but indoraptor with proper speed boost and with new dodge mechanics is very annoying.

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As an unboosted player, I really like the new dodge mechanics. I think they’re where they should be. We have Erlikospyx, maxima, and Orion to take out the trash.

Believe it or not Tenontorex does a bang up job against the indos. Since they can be slowed. It will be a mind game and it will either kill or badly damage them.

As for going cloak or evasive when it’s not needed… with rats running rampant a dodge setup is never useless. That is an effect of being ratted, the true problem.


I have to respectfully disagree with that statement. I am not a fan of the new dodge at ALL. The amount of people that just spam Evasive Stance and proceed to dodge 3 times in a row is infuriating. I honestly think it’s okay on cloak because you only get one more move after you use it. Indo can ES and then proceed to use DSR, CI, and APS often dodging between each one. I run nullify dinos, but it doesn’t help me when they aren’t drawn. Or they use CI and then just rat turn 2 :unamused:

I like starting with indo g1… and i like going immediately with evasive… and my reasons are… turn 2 im likely gonna see a dracocera so might as well go evasive turn 1 and go dsr turn 2. Unless i need to clense. So many people just swap the rat in and indo dodges and kills it.

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My poor Anky and Tany are low Alpha :sob: