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1.11 Ardonto > 1.11 Maxima

Maybe this way it won’t get lost in the threads and the developers will actually see it.


#Don’t take away definitive rampage from Maxima @Ludia_Developers ! @Ned @E.D
It had the perfect kit! Please consider a damage reduction to around 1120 as balance decision, It solves the problem of It being too strong.


#Don’t take away definitive rampage from Maxima @Ludia_Developers !


You guys do know the Ludia_Dev tag isn’t actively monitored, right? Would be better to tag @E.D or @Ned or someone who actually checks in.

But I totally agree, taking away Max’s definite rampage means there is only one legit counter to Indo2 left in the game; and also that (given its lineage) it makes no sense to do so - except for the same reason they gave Gemini immunity… :man_shrugging:


It really is debatable. The Definite Strike makes a whole lot of difference. They should swap their basic attack. Superiority Strike is close to useless on Maxima.

It’s all because they keep shoving this RIDICULOUS dodging tactics down our throats… I regret saying that previous nerf on dodges was too much… It was better to have it weak than to have it this OP on immune creatures… Stupid yoshi chicken and stupid Indo2 will take over the arenas even more now that one of their main (and few) counters is gone.


Agreed. They “heard” us say that RNG was too big a factor in the game, but then turn around and promote dodging by increasing the success rate and removing counters to it. SMH :man_facepalming:


Well overall I can agree in moves, but I still think ardent is better than ardonto because even though definite strike may be better than decelerating strike, ardent is faster, have more hp, attack, a higher crit and some armor, I can understand that all your interest in ardent may have been drained away ever since ardent lost DR, but I personally still think ardent is a top tier Dino. I still have to agree though, ardent had everything it needed in the 1.9 patch, so please, have her return to her 1.9 stats and give back her DR.


This topic is just an intended provocation. Of course Maxima is still stronger The main problem, as I said, is the OP evasion users losing one of their few counters. Without the Definite Rampage, Maxima’s effectiveness against those will be reduced to the same as a Stegod and other tanks… Ironically, Ardonto will be more useful in these situations


Pfff you guys are ridiculous

Getting away definite rampage IS NOT A CLEAR NERF!!!

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Why are we ridiculous my good sir?


that “thing” already have NO COUNTER
and of course because you will be part of those which will say “geminititan,IndoG2,procera…”

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Not in most matchups its not. Just vs cloakers - and not even 100% of the time.

Well, first that’s no reason to call others “ridiculous”… Besides, not everyone disagrees that Maxima needed a nerf. I, for example, agree. But not a nerf that will make other OP freaks become even stronger (when they too needed to be nerfed, as you said).

BTW, I don’t have Maxima on my team, so I’m not defending a creature of mine… Quite the opposite, that thing actually gives me constant headaches and I even made a thread complaining about it a couple of weeks ago… But I have to admit it was one thing that kept dodgers in check…


I actually use Erlido and Indo2, and they both will be able to beat Maxima now :joy:

I face naturally some boosted lvl 30,and the clear answer is ,it was not the top 2 for no reason.
Well boosted,you can 3-0 any team even with chompers.

It don’t have to deal with every creatures.
A clear nerf for me was to remove his complete immunity and making him at least vulnearble to Distraction!!
Everyone i see there crying for what they call a “nerf” (by just removing a definite defense shattering rampage) is as must absurd as game dev add (definite strike at cautious strike)
And don’t tell me he don’t need more…
He is still absurdly OP

Not erlidom,but now i agree with one thing,
IndoG2 have to fall from the top…
He need a slight buff of his stats and A COMPLETE REWORK of cautious strike

Now both Indos, Erlido and maybe Orion will most likely beat Maxima, to name the most common out there… I believe that’s a substantial nerf, but not a proper one because it benefits evasion, which I despise… Maxima was already pretty good when it appeared on update 1.8. And I didn’t see anyone complaining it was too OP… It didn’t need all that buff on 1.9 (maybe just a small one) and certainly not the one on 1.10…

look,you have 3 ways to evade the damage.
The distraction which you can’t apply on ardentis since he is immune
The shield and armor which won’t work because he have defense shattering
And finally the evasion.
They choose evasion,thats it.
I agree,it was Overpower since 1.9,he was nice before

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No one here is saying Maxima didn’t need a nerf, we are saying we disagree with the nerf and want It nerfed in another way.

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I think It did deserve the buff in 1.9, but imo they shouldn’t have given her that much damage since It defeats the purpose of chompers countering her. Though the hp could remain 5700 with no issue and chompers will still beat her.