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1.11 Ardonto > 1.11 Maxima

Retain one definite hit on it. Or it totally defeat the purpose. What baffles me is the fact they still haven’t realized maxima arms with 2 decel abilities. I won’t believe no one has ever suggested a rework on that.
Definite rampage on top of a crit would be too much. Impact is fairer. Replace either DSR or decel strike with a pinning ability. One decel, one defense shattering, one pinning ability is all maxima need.

I think maxima must retain definitive rampage to make It worth the grind. This move is what makes her special and better compared with ardonto. A nerf in damage is all she needs. A crit on definitive rampage is not too much If the damage is low.

It may be seen fairer in the fight with tryko. But if you keep definite rampage and nerf the damage, there’s no damage range too proper both for it and for the dodgers it rampage into, on top of a crit. Too low, it’s not worth the grind; too high, dodgers that take it immediately become oneshot wonder.

I think 1120 damage is a good number.

That won’t be able to beat thor. Other than that, seems cool.

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But the point is that It doesn’t. The damage nerf is to allow chompers to be her proper counters. When she was first released, chompers or rending dinos were supposed to be her only counters, but they have her so much damage that It wasn’t the case anymore. From what i see, definitive rampage was never the problem.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Love for Maxima. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!

Have been playing with Ardonto on my Friendly Challenge team and I’m liking what it does. I feel its move set would suit Maxine well (i.e. swap Superiority Strike out for Definite Strike).

I think that would make up for Maxine downgrading Definite Rampage to DSR.
This way, the Definite Strike would make Maxine useful against cloakers again, but wouldn’t give her the massive advantage that Definite Rampage did.

I know some folks might not like Maxine having the same move set as Ardonto (but with better stats), but it seemed to work for Nodopatotitan -> Gigaspikasaur.

Oh hey, two Dino Guys posted in a row :slight_smile:

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