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1.11? Coming soon?

So everyone knows 1.11 is coming up.

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How soon though? Soon™ or some time around November?

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gracias gracias

If they want to release 1.11 this year, then deadline is around 15th december as then they go on vacation till next year.


If Ludia keeps up her releas timinig, then we could expect it this year around december.
But noone knows for sure right now.

Oh right yes

Hopefully they will bring back my supply drops, which in turn will bring back dinos!!!

Wut @Renee_Webb

I had 4 supply drops around my house, now I have 1 and there are NO dinos around here. What good is Jurassic World with no dinos?

No you hadn’t let’s see when’s it out

If anyone is interested, Metahub posted the official 1.7 tier list


Let me know which dino placings surprised you. Mine was Grypolyth now a top tier

Your ™ has confused me. :flushed:

Yeah you need to stop using ™

It was kind of a joke about something coming “soon” as in, at an undetermined date. Apparently originated regarding Blizzard’s “soon” which "does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. "


I’m hoping start of December so that we can get winter based animals like the Woolly Mammoth, Dire Wolves and Cryolophosaurus.

If they add the dire wolf … they should also add skins. Some people will probably want a white dire wolf.

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