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1.11: (nearly) a week later


  • Multi fusing is a blessing, thank you.
  • The new creature models are among the best in the game, like, wow. Thoroughly impressed.
  • Different team loadouts and the new strike/tournament format is also a huge QOL change. Big thank you on that.
  • Dracoceratops. Enough said. Very good balance change.
  • Last online is awesome for alliance leaders to track active players. Hopefully we get more tools for them in the future.
  • Park scents work again. Great that I can actually scent turtle now. About time.
  • Pterosaurs in sanctuaries was a long overdue feature; awesome addition.
  • Bajadont, Mammotherium, and all the non hybrids look awesome for their respective rarties. I forsee them being high on the tier list.
  • Being able to see the boost spread on someone’s dinos from their profile is an interesting, yet useful change.
  • The spawnrates for drops seem to have improved.
  • The snowy map is the best map the game has ever seen.
  • The menus generally feel more fluid, which is satisfying.


  • Several bugs are still present. For one, the app crashes after every single battle.
  • With Maxima losing definite, dodgers are even more out of control. Such an unbalanced risk vs reward situation compared to other damage mitigation methods, especially with so few nullifiers.
  • Cautious Strike.
  • Procerathomimus.
  • Why are all the new creatures nearly unobtainable? If I understand correctly, they’re seasonal exclusive, which is absurd. Please, release them into the wild forever, somehow.
  • Monorhino is an absolute disaster. Please, buff it a few times.
  • Very few buffs to existing, underwhelming, underused dinos.
  • Emotes are kind of…eh. They leave a lot to be desired. Maybe a few more specific ones?

Overall great update, but a few things still need work.


i am so loving the multifuse button. drastic quality of life improvement. (though Ludia may want to drop the level requirement down a bit. when you start having to get 750+ dna for a non wild hybrid, it gets tedious. And it’s not just players that are 17 and up facing that issue.)

Honestly I’ve seen barely any maximas now seems prowl just wanted her for her rampage which is sad. Also ya I’m not saying dump all the new creatures like new born giraffe but the fact no one has seen or gotten a rare deer is ridiculous like just make the Cenozoic creature daily creatures (ie: Tuesday: rhino, Wednesday: mammoth, Saturday: turtle, Sunday: dear) also ya the arena is still just busted Literally and figuratively. And ya it’s sad that monolorhino got the stygidaryx treatment it needs a buff I want that thing on my team so bad but other than I feel like it makes the game easier to play and fuse new hybrids.

My pros and cons for 1.11;


  • The Dracoceratops Rework
  • The Snow weather (I really hope they continue with adding more weathers like rain/sandstorms ect.)
  • The Addition of The Mammoth
  • Multifuses
  • The Different Team Loadouts are extremely helpful for me


  • Only 4 Creature reworks. I feel like a lot of additional creatures could’ve used love this patch like Grypolyth, Diloracheirus and Stygidaryx to name a few.
  • Cautious Strike still being a thing.
  • The Lack of new dinosaurs. While I am grateful we did get new creatures this patch, only one of them being a dinosaur is really disheartening for me at least. I have nothing against the Ice Age creatures - I just wish they would balance how many of each get released per patch, like 4 new dinosaurs + 4 new Ice Age creatures?
  • The Emotes are kinda pointless. At least to me.
  • Dracoceratops keeping Regeneration. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, I really dislike the fact that the Rat keeps Regeneration since it allows him to easily abuse his swap-in. (swap-in, regen, swap-out, rinse repeat). Ontop of that his power stat is IMO a tad-bit too high, maybe something like 1.1k or 1k could’ve worked, but I feel like 1.5k is just way too high for something not supposed to be a chomper.

That’s more or less it, overall I really enjoyed the update. :slight_smile:


I agree that DC’s attack stat is too high now, but other creatures that aren’t chomps do have a 1500 base attack. and i don’t think it’s attack needs nerfed 1K. it originally had about 1220ish ( i just know it was enough to 1shot spyx) 1200 isn’t a bad attack stat for it.

Ya honestly like come one both it and it’s parent have 1.5k attack that almost enough to one shot an erlidom or any erlikosaur. It’s way to much also I’ve always hated that acute stun that it has like why is the the only creature with that move like why not renex u know a UNIQUE, or given it to stygidaryx would help a lot but ya other than that I love this up date

Oh lol. I didn’t really research other creatures power stats who aren’t chompers so I figured Draco over here just had an abnormally high power stat. :sweat_smile: But yeah, I agree, 1.2k would be fine for him.

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where do you find the boost spread on someones profile?

I suspect this is phone specific, which may cause them trouble identifying the cause. I’ve never experienced this once.

Does anyone else have the impression that the last online function is not working properly? I have someone in my friend list who is always showing ‘online <1 day’ and i know for a fact that they have not been online for weeks.

It is definitely broken.

As already posted in the relase notes thread, i suggest a reliable friendly battle signaling system.

Tap a users profile, tap and hold on the dino’s card.