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1.11 Release notes date?

When does it come out?

It’ll be out tomorrow.


Out on iOS today!

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Dude your lying

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Reveal your Public profile



Why’d you do that

well, we just had 1.10, so i’d assume 1.11 would drop sometimes in November/December.

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An update drops and immediately people always asking for the next update notes or release lol!!


every-single-time :laughing:
anxiety rulez. :sunglasses:

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Pls reveal

Off took me

Reveal public profile

Reveal it noe

Pls reveal it

Ever heard of privacy?

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Click your heels together and repeat, 1.11 I wish you were here…1.11 I wish you were here. Repeat it enough times and it may happen.

They stated that 1.10 was between 2 Major Updates.So if the schedules has not been changed the 1.9 came around 10 September…so with two months between 2 Major Updates i suspect the Release Notes of 1.11 or 2.0 will come out around 15 November(Friday)