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1.11 Spawn Guide

Hey everyone! We are finished with digging through the APK and we have the updated spawn guide! There were not any local migrations (other than the addition of Bajadasaurus to parks) but there were some significant nest changes.

As far as we can tell the other 3 new creatures (Woolly Mammoth, Woolly Rhino, and Megaloceros) don’t spawn in the wild. The Mammoth is global right now but we aren’t sure how long that will be out. Here’s the article and all the relevant images for it!


awesome thanks! so im guessing woolly mammoth is a global spawn this week?

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thanks for all you do.

Looks like it. We’ve had several reports of people pulling it from scents and it was in the news tab yesterday. Not sure how long it’s going to stick around though. I think it’s like Allo2 and Nasuto when they were released for a limited time.

Super fast work! Much appreciated for the info you guys do!

Thanks for updating us.

But Ludia whats the point in adding new creatures if we cant get them?


Fantastic. Time to stalk some parks (if I can find any in my town) and hope that the Epic’s are presented to us as dino’s of the week or from strike towers.

Thanks for confirming my observations. That Bajadasaur is park spawn.

Hey I got a woolly mammoth yesterday during my drive to home in the wild.

Yeah it’s a pursuit type dino right now. We just aren’t sure how long that will last.

I’ve only seen one, it spawned in the late afternoon in my neighborhood right near my house (in range) havn’t seen since.

One spawned on the main road when I was heading for the top one!
Note: I live beside a long stretch of hills, so that whole side might be considered a park area


How lucky can you be? :laughing:

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It’s pretty sad and pathetic that out of 4 new creatures 3 are exclusive…

Anyway, good job guys on the guide :wink:

Thank you for the image showing the nest changes (and the main guide, of course).

well it doesnt help much when they ( LUDIA ) advertise that a certain dinosaur in this case being the Wooly Mammoth as being a Global Spawn when clearly it is not !
V1.11 was released nearly a week ago and we have not seen even one of them in our local area at all, so much in fact that even travelling some 120 kilometers… yes thats right 120 kilometers to find one the end result was absolutely ZERO, nil, zip, nada, zilch nothingggggggggggg…
why is that i ask you? surely if they are going to advertise something as being a global spawn then make it a global spawn not something i would have to jump onto the next space shuttle and fly to the dark side of the moon to actually find one ! ( Wooly Mammoth ) … not happy not happy at all. wasted kilometers wasted trip and all to find what… hundreds if not thousands of DNA for dinosaurs that i already have sitting in my dinodex because the one dinosaur i am hunting / need is either nowhere around or died out thousands of years ago … hint hint …ggggggggggggggrrrrrrr
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im pretty much upset about one fact:
megaloceros?event only
wooly mammouth?event only
wooly rhino?maybe incubator only
baja?park only
Next update,that would be cool if we can find any of them into the wild or divide some in daily spawn
Because the number of event only creatures start to be too high…
Scolosaurus,dsungaripterus,allogen2,blue,diplodocus,wooly mammouth,megaloceros,brontotherium,nasuto…
and im not talking about those which are incubator only.
So ok,it make some creatures exceptionnal,but it will be nice if that wasn’t the case EVERY update now


Yeah I haven’t seen any of these not even the wooly mammoth. I also went to a few parks and saw no Baja. Maybe they aren’t in Rhode island, US.

Woolly mammoth still in the wild for me

Maybe the Woolly mammoth will spawn in the wild if the temperature outside is 50 degrees or below.