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1.11 Tier List is Live!

Happy New Year from GamePress! We decided to start the new year off right with the official release of the 1.11 Tier List! :eyes:

Hint: You are going to want to check out the placement of Thor :wink:


Sweet! I was pessimistically expecting it right before 1.12.
Thanks to you guys for the quick work!


Not as quickly as we would like, but holidays kind of messed things up haha.


Thank you.
Edit: looks like i’ll be going after mammotherium and leveling her. And Grypolyth moved up. Interesting.
alloraptor being mid apex is nice to see.
Bye Spyx. (still going to use her for a while. kit works well in a lot of situations.)

I’m honestly dumbfounded,confused and astonished all at the same time for some of these creatures. I agree with most b it just a few which I’m like um what?


What do you disagree on? I assume you use all of the Dino’s regularly and are battle tested.

Don’t forget this is not real world performance, its not going to help in the arena its just 1v1 equal levels


Looks kinda accurate to me.
Never even thought about Mammotherium, but he became a mainstay for alliance friendly battles vs raptors due to continuous one shots.
Kinda glad he made tyrant

Kinda like on grypo idk how it got to tyrant?

Lol ya RIP the parrot :parrot:

That’s true so maybe with the update some things changed drastically.

I didn’t think Grypo would be Tyrant either, but he’s close enough that I wasn’t surprised by it.

That’s not true. You might have missed the part of the article explicitly stating that it is not a simulation tier list.
I mean if these tier lists were what you say they are, why would Dracoceratops ever have been a Tyrant?

Ya but like I was like what carno is better but I guess that regen and immobilize help but every time I face one it usually loses

It’s not fully simulation it’s experience and common sense as well but it’s focus has to be 1v1 equal match ups otherwise the veriables would be to vast, level ease of access boosts rarity, accounting for all these would be impossible

Great job everyone. Glad Phorus is rightfully tyrant at last.


It is a beast. It’s doesn’t die. It does tons of damage. It beats maxima and Gemini 1on1.

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I mean I guess but it’s not that hard to beat honestly tryko, Thor, dioraj, tyrannolophosaur, tenotorex, Eddie, Bajatondonand a lot of other things can beat all you have to do is either distract, or slow it and next turn stun, chomp it, or stun it then it’s usually dead but I guess since it take out the speedsters it got up there

I think you completely underestimate Phorusaura on that regard. Being able to do 6k damage in two turns, with 3k being priority damage, hitting those Indos before they can throw up their Evasive is quite amazing. And the 130 Speed tier puts it just above some key dinosaurs like Erlidom, Spyx and Magna, so it’s definitely Tyrant material.


Mind games with procerath and indo g2 is how it got up there. Played right, she can take them out. the trick is learning when to use the instant rampage so it doesn’t go to waste.

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