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1.12 team prevision

Well as usual guys.
What will be your 1.12 team you will focus on?

-Gemini (Will be broken,can now deal against cloakers and obtain a shield )
-Ardentis (Already beyond broken,now have 2 counter shields,can bypass evasion
-IndoG2 (Probably number 2 after ardentis ,while cautious strike remain untouched)
-Entelemoth (Seem much better than mammotherium…)
-Tryko (because tryko)
-Erlidom (because erlidom)
-Grypolyth (Im sure he will shine in next meta)
-and for the last one,im divided…i probably see what will be the best so for moment proceratomimus.

Sure Out of the team:
-Draco (Barely relevant in 1.12,he may still have uses,but because the swap in gameplay take a serious hit,i don’t think he will be this good this time)
-Thylacotator (since rending takedown take a 2 turn delay,he now suffer to be weaker than suchotator…)
-Thor (Probably…start to be less and less relevant)

-Stegodeus (still a good tank,lots of possibility and have some good uses against indoG2 and other creatures)
-Edmonto (Swap in gameplay took a serious hit and regen and run take his second nerf in a row…,he wasn’t already this much strong and i thinks his days are numbered)

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I already have gemini on team. On one hand, I like that it will give Proceratho a scare. Put up shield + break dodge, force chicken to nullify as you rampage it, then nullify it. On the other, may end up being OP.
I’m not sure about how good Ardentis will be but it’s already on my team. Most of the ones I’ve fought got killed by my speedsters by tricking them into putting up invincibility while I use them to speed up.
The rest of my team are and will stay as Kaprosuchus, Erlidom, Erlikospyx, Utarinex, Tenontorex (if only it had anti-slow or anti-stun …) and Carnotarkus.

IndoG2 will have trouble against Ardentis and Gemini now. I don’t have it anyway nor plan to make it any time soon.
I don’t know why Thylacotator had to be struck with the nerf hammer. Nobody asked for this.

Honestly I think that why the planned the nerf to RaR since they knew Baja, Eddie, and para could clean what every I throw at them when they run

Definite Shield Advantage

Remove Cloak, Dodge and Shields. Gain Shields 50% for 1 turn. Attack 1.5x, bypassing armor. Cooldown: 1

Aswell i did’nt read well but gemini trade a long protection X1 dmg for a piercing armor,remove evasion and deal AN IMPACT!X1,5 dmg
So,now gemini can spam rampage/impact/rampage/impact

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My team will stay the same unless exclusives lose their exclusivity. Then again arena is a torture chamber but battling’s fun so I’ll just wait to test things out in the new campaign missions and weekend skill tourneys

yup and now i think meta will considerably change

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How is the meta going to change ? Strong dinos are either staying the same or getting stronger and a random rending takedown nerf hurts one of the few answers to the longneck tyrants duo. Everything is the same as before with just a few tweaks here or there (arena-wise).

“But what about the new creatures with those new abilities?!?!” Itll be months before we even see those in the arena which at that point, a new patch will surely be in.

Unless they make boa easily accesible(which I doubt) you’re right the meta won’t change much. At least now grypo is gonna be on nearly everyone’s team

Which may be the nightmare of Christmas Chicken.

I haven’t made any final decisions yet, but the rough draft of contenders that I am thinking about are Dio, Tryko, Erlidom, Magna, Maxima, Tenrex, Indo G2, Thor, Orion, and Procera. I will have to play around with all 10 and see what cohesion works the best. Was kinda hoping to get rid of Thor, but the new Grypo may change that.
I’m actually looking forward to the tinkering. (Always wanted to experiment with Christmas chicken)

Ardentis isn’t broken. She was when she had DR. As Gamepress wrote, she wins most 1v1, but with low speed she’s easily revenge killed. I would only reduce her armor to 10%
But Gemini will be really overpowered with DSA. The main problem is her immunity. Idk why she has it. She could have 6360 hp and 1500 attack, but without that broken immunity