1.13 ... actually quite good

I was very meh about this update but … all new creatures are available to actually hunt … pig is now L12 … the alliance tweaks are cool … that’s Mr Veteran to you … and tournaments and alliance campaigns look promising; can’t say any of the rebalancing has been a game changer … controversial possibly … but a good solid update :+1: Ludia


But the mammoth is still exclusive and it’s for one of the unique so meh…

Overall, I think while some of the balancing could have been better, the update as a whole was really good, adding plenty of much-requested and much-needed features. Keep up the good work Ludia!


Just my opinion.For a small patch its pretty decent.For a 2+ months update is missing a lot of things

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I like it : )

I do like the new lighting effects

I will be pleased once the chat is fixed.