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1.13 Graphical glitches when winning a strike incubator

Bug Description:
Appears to be the same/similar bug that occurred a while ago; doing any of the strike towers and winning an incubator causes various graphical glitches that only disappear after you reset the game.

Area is/was found in:
The glitch occurs on the main map, however after said glitch happens it affects everything in various ways; the menus, the darting screen, during battles etc.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Battle any strike or trial tower, regardless of difficulty.
Step 2 - Win to be rewarded said incubator, and random graphics suddenly appear on half the screen.

How often does it happen:
Each time I win a Strike tower or Trial tower.

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 6S


I’m sorry this is happening, Kelenken. This is one of the known issues our team is working on addressing.

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I’m bumping up my old thread because this is still happening even in 2.0

Don’t know if it was worth making a new thread for because it’d basically be a duplicate.

This was fixed for only a couple weeks at the end of 1.13… then as soon as 1.14 rolled out, the bug was right back in game and still exists in 2.0. It’s annoying

Bumping this up yet again because it’s still not fixed.

And I’ve noticed the problem has spread to the supply drop stops, however I’m not sure what exactly triggers it as I can just spin a stop and suddenly I get the same graphical glitches as mentioned above. I thought it was linked to a specific item I got from the drops but it doesnt appear to be.
I can spend ages going around spinning both orange and green stops, collecting all the Food and Toys and the glitch won’t occur. But on some days it will happen after I spin maybe two or three.