1.13 predictions? An official teaser

What do you guys think is coming based on this?
It looks like potentially a new arena to me. And the electricity :zap:


Hopefully it’s Indo G2 getting the cleaning and speed up shocked out and the others rejoicing!


could also have to do with the trials thing that they implemented.

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Time for a tryosdolasaur😂


Maybe test battles it seems very confusing to me

Hope they fix some creatures,some of em are overpowered ( Indo G2 )

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Call me crazy, but I’m going to predict… New hybrids. lol In all seriousness, not sure WHAT hyrbids. There’s some regular hybrids I’m hoping will get supers, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head right now. lol

Ferocity + IC then DSR would be a monster, and also the immunity. Now that would be epic :smiling_imp:.


Let me guess :thinking:

We’ll get a new epic that will be exclusive
Indo 2 and Procerat will be left untouched
We’ll get new cool hybrids, which will be locked behind exclusive creatures and then we’ll find out they are no good anyway
There will be an unneccessary nerf
There will be an unneccessary buff

Did I miss anything??



Whatever it is , it will be ruined by boosts.
It always goes like this:
we complaining for 3 months for bugs, matchmaking, meta, boosts , unbalanced dinos, they make us want to quit the game , then a new update comes and people get excited for one week, then we realize the update wasn’t that good and we complain again for another 3 months until next update and go on.


Majunda will not gaining a Hybrid


It’s the ciiircle of aliiiiiive!

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I loved this teaser (mainly because it has Tryos in it). :sweat_smile:

It looks like something interesting, but I hope it’s not a hybrid between these two creatures! :neutral_face:

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Epic strike events without boost-advantage, for example against boosted creatures.

Electricity is no good for water creatures, i’m afraid :’(

First super hybrid hybrid. Call it a hero class… can only be fused by max level max boosted lvl 30s and its creation level is 25 due to dna degradation.


An idea I thought is that we can use our Creatures to fight each other and see if they are okay or not (this would explain the fact that there are 2 creatures fighting in the laboratory).


And I believe the update will be on Tuesday (March 24th) with the release notes on March 20th (Friday)

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I think notes tomorrow

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Only 1 teaser was officially released. I think more will be released.

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