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1.14.14 - frozen JWA app when PvP win = 0 trophies/coins

Frozen app, had to clear JWA and Google Play Services caches & restart phone several times. JWA app finally loaded but then no supply drops nor special events. No trophies nor coins awarded from win as shown. Tried to then battle again AI but JWA app froze again. Same clearing and restart effort. JWA app still freezing.
Submitted email to support. However I average about 2-4 days response where all the support does is to tell me the same excuses and to have me do what I already did to try to reset JWA to get it working.
Makes me wonder why this keeps recurring but never gets fixed.
BTW, I am STILL owed over 6000 hard cash when Ludia support supervisor proved someone else was somehow using my account while I was in flight across the Pacific ocean!

Update: now I get message game is under maintenance and come back later. Wasted my Giga scent!

I’m sorry to hear that is happening, Wavejumper. Hopefully, our support team would be able to provide more information and assist you once they get a chance to review your email.