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1.14 Spawn Mechanics

Hey everyone! No migrations in 1.14 but we can tell you where to find the new creatures!


Thank you :heart_eyes:

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Still no migrations. :frowning:

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Thanks! I was just looking for this! :grinning:

Honestly I didn’t expect there to be any. Since they didn’t mention it in the notes. They usually do if there will be.

thank you.

entelechops being a wild spawn is going to be fun to find.
And it looks like all but the rare gorgonops (can never remember the name) are global spawns. nice.

I actually found one already! Got one from my Giga scent!


lucky duck.

Pork chops looks so cute!

I’ve had two epics spawn - a Monolopho and a Baryonyx. Really disappointed that there isn’t a migration.

Thanks for getting that out though, here’s hoping my luck will change!

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I see a moschops… out of range though. It’s on a nearby road where I used to go hunt for Erliko nests. Now that Erlikos nest at ATMs and google probably doesn’t know where ATMs are here (but knows exactly where self-washing public toilets are) I haven’t seen any of them lately.

is Scutosaurus a normal spawn, or like mammoth/rhino where it only spawns for like 2 weeks?

Normal anytime global spawn

Oh my it’s look…gReAt doesn’t it :sweat_smile:

im just gonna pretend the 6 hour maintenance was them deciding scutasaurus should be global anytime, and that makes it worth the wait.


I’m guessing the $70 kind :rofl: :money_mouth_face:

Ugly boi lol. Thanks for the list.


It’s in something called “Gacha Incubators” and we cannot remember what those actually are in the store :rofl:

In fact sanctuary exclusive might be a better term for it.

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(yes it is a complete sentance)

Thanka for this. I just took little walk with my sister and found bunch of insostrancevia. Can’t wait till morning to hunt more.