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1.14 Spawn Mechanics

We are not finding any of the new rare creatures today :frowning:
Any suggestions? Only found the common one.
Also being new dinosaurs today, how long are they usually out for before they become scare? Just today?

during the day, i found enough common to get it to 10 with like 2K extra. got 1 rare to spawn from a giga

tonight, running like 1.5 hours of scents, got 0 new creatures - not even the common. only saw 1 common out of range. seems like their spawn rate drops at night.

“Gacha (or Gachapon) is a monetisation technique used in many successful Japanese free-to-play games. Originally a term used for Japanese Toy machines, this is used to describe games that pull a selection of data, people, heroes, etc. from a large pool at random. Example I wanna put money into the Gachapon machine to try and get my favourite toy!”

Hi @PQC and @Piere87
So what exactly does “sanctuary exclusive” mean? From what I see:

  • You cannot hunt
  • Do not appear in battle incubators
  • They do not appear in incubators that can be purchased
  • They cannot get into sanctuaries until they create

I must understand that it is like the diplodocus that I can only get it when Ludia wants it? If so, I add the new creature and its future hybrids in the “paid” category and discard them (although they will end up being the strongest creatures).

I’m guessing we’ll get it in a specific incubator at some point - then its FIPing time …

They are part of the global spawn pool so they aren’t a special event or anything and can be hunted any day. They also spawn in scents. I already got Moschops and Entelochops from a Giga scent and tons of the common one. I haven’t seen Scuto yet, but I know people who have.

I am familiar with the Gacha term, we just aren’t sure what incubators they are referring to with that in the code. I think you are correct that it’ll be in some incubator at some point and then it’ll be all FIP from there. Similar to Nasuto and Allo2 I am assuming. Maybe they will put them out in the wild for a short time :woman_shrugging:


It’s not even like Diplodocus because that is at least in some themes so it can be found in strike incubators and supply stops at that time. It’s more like Allo2 I think where it isn’t in any themes. All the code says is “Gacha Incubator” and ALL creatures are included in that. But that’s the only place we were able to find it. And since we have no idea what incubator that is, it’s better to just call it sanctuary exclusive.

Sanc exclusive creatures are creatures that are not obtainable in the wild or in certain incubators. Such creatures like Allosaurus gen 2 and Megaloceros are sanctuary exclusive. They are similar to event lock creatures such as diplodocus and dsungaripterus, so the only real ways you can get these kind of exclusive dna is through sanctuaries, events and certain incubators.

Ok! 1 thanks for the explanation. I didn’t know that the Allo2 couldn’t go on strike incubators and supply stops, I just thought it hadn’t gone “yet”.
I hate these kinds of creatures. I like this game because I like to hunt and strive to evolve hunting creatures. When a creature like the geminititan depends solely on whether or not Ludia wants to give the DNA, for me the game loses meaning.

Postscript: Last Friday I started the championship thinking that it could be my great championship, being able to reach the top 100 … in the first battle I met a certain @ Piere87 who devastated my entire team. Big disappointment !! Luckily, then I got to be top100 :wink:

Yes, now I understand. What happens is that the name “santuary exclusive” makes sense only when someone has managed to create the creature and put it in a sanctuary :slight_smile:

I thought I recognized your name! Congrats on the top 100! It was a tough tournament. All those big Rexy kept eating my poor turtle :cry:

Oof, that’s a face for radio.


I competed with only four epics (no Rex), no creatures higher than level 27 and no boosts so I am very happy to have reached the Top100. I also suffered a lot with the Trex but even more with the secondotosaurs.

These tournaments are fun because each player has a different team and usually no boosts or few bosts. Unfortunately, the Yoshi break the epic tournaments with hybrids and the Indo2 tournaments with legendary ones. Well, actually these two annoying creatures break it but especially because of the Boosts.

This May I will not participate in either of the two advantage tournaments. Perhaps, at most, the minimum to give the minimum points to the alliance. I hope Ludia realizes how disastrous those tournaments are, although if she hasn’t after the massive reaction from the players after the last Yoshi tournament …

:disappointed: that model design… disappointing

Yeah that last Yoshi/Rixis Tournament about did me in :rofl:. Only hope I have right now is maybe getting the new snake hybrid up to a decent level. I should have turtle to 30 by then as well but that doesn’t help me against the Thyla/Rixis combo.

I also don’t run Indo2 on my team anymore so while I have a higher-level one, it’s not boosted like the arena ones will be next weekend. It’s going to be a long month with tournaments for sure.

more incubator and sanctuary exclusives…? Sighs in disappointment

It looks like a sloth! I think with that Ludia already has the base for the megatherium.

My Yoshi is 23 (although I have components for 30) and without boosts, my indo2 is 16 (although I have components for 28 or 29) and without boosts. I also have neither Thila nor Rixis evolved so 0 options.

Hopefully June brings us better tournaments

That’s why I power leveled amargoceph. Does well against procerath. Usually when the boosted procerath goes, smooth sailing