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1.14 Spawn Mechanics

I thought about adding amargoceph to my epic hybrid team also to help fight prorat. I have my turtle. But if I don’t draw it I’m screwed. Thought about having both lol.

It’s a dark horse honestly. Trago isn’t the best right now, so I decided “what the heck” and leveled it. I probably wouldn’t have broken the top 500 without it. It has invincibility to block rampage, 2 decent multipliers, 2 slowing moves, and a counterattack. It does well when paired with gorgosuchus as SV allows it to set up better

The “Amargocephalus” was one of my favorite dinosaurs for a long time. What great memories of the great trio amargocephalus / nodepatosaurus / stegoceratops. One of the best times in the game, when I had not yet merged any unique and Boosts did not exist. If one day Ludia created the “Advantage Tournement” but without boosts it can really be fun to get these great beasts back. Meanwhile, I will spend the few coins on non-hybrid creatures waiting for their tournaments.

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would be cool if they did like retro tournaments where dinos had their abilities from previous updates. they could sell boosts for dinos that are now irrelevant too :sweat_smile:

ooof. indoraptor with cloak? or tryko with expose weak spot.
(that’s all i remember hearing about)

4x shattering rampage :heart_eyes:

indo g2 with OG CS and Definite rampage again.

That would be actually really cool. Never thought of that one

What could be fun is tournaments excluding boosts and with dinos of certain characteristics, similar to the last towers: only tanks, only tanks and sprinters, only non-immune creatures, etc.

In this case there would be little difference: from being an “Indo2 Tournement” to being an “Indo2 Tournement Old style”.

it would be a bit worse since CS would cleanse again. but it wouldn’t have that precise ability.

Yes but nothing matters if Indo2 has 30 Boosts and your creature, whatever it is, is unboosted because it cannot be used in normal arena, unlike Indo2

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I did an article about this somewhere. I would like to see these tournaments. Creature needs a stunning ability, or creature must have a swap-in ability and so on

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Exactly, but tournaments “all to 26” or open tournaments but without boosts … if there are boosts, invent what you invent, it does not work

Actually, you can have a skill tournament with boosts. The only thing is that everyone has the same amount of hp, attack, and speed boosts and have to distribute them evenly. 100% refundable. They cannot be used outside the tournament

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Thankyou, will definitely be using the giga, keeping my eyes open😁

That option would also be fun but it is more difficult to manage. It would be a pure tactical tournament and I know who would always be in the top 5 and it’s not me :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am clear that there should be advantage tournaments without boosts to reward those more faithful players, who have been playing longer and hunt more and battle more every day.

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Also advantage tournaments but without boosts … 100% agree

Yeah, an advantage tournament without boosts sound fun too. Sure that tournament may be difficult to manage, but it’s getting boring with just skill and advantage tournaments
(And this can help players with the level 30 super boosted proceraths in the epic advantage tournament)

Of course, with time we can all focus on some category (common, rare non-hybrid, rare hybrid, epic non-hybrid, epic hybrid and legendary) and go up when we have coins some of them. This would make tournaments very varied. Logically those who invest a lot of money in the game would have preference but that does not bother me. What bothers is that while Indo2 and Yoshi are megaboosted, the legendary and epic tournaments that admit hybrids will suck … and Ludia decided that last month they should be one of two and this month both.