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1.14 Tier List

We are officially done with the 1.14 Tier List! Check it out and let us know what you think :grinning:


Thanks, Piere87! :smiley:


Why is some blurry?

I mean i get constrictor going up since it got that buff to bleed and such but dilophoboa went up? In the same tier as majungaboa? Idk about that

Also rip indoraptor and indom went right back down to where it was in 1.8

No I’m not kidding


And 1.14

Also rip nemys finally falling out of tryrant…

We’re know have 12 uniques in apex…let thats sink in

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OOOH. spinocon moved up. sad to see nemys drop tho.


Yeah, it always was the weakest Low Tyrant. That random attack nerf didn’t help.

Lets go Strictor! Glad to see my fav hybrid that high.


it is what it is. this tier list may be null and void soon tho with 1.15 coming. (no offense @Piere87 )


What was its used-to be attack stat? Im afraid I wasnt here when it was nerfed.

Happy that my Purut has risen! Sadder to see that Nemys have fallen…


It used to be 1200. It’s 1100 now. On a creature with 2 Rampages, that 100 makes a pretty big difference.

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Oh, we know that 100%. I’m already dreading seeing all the possible changes :rofl:. This could be a completely different list in 2 months.


Was it too OP? I felt like that 1200 was fair since Turtle has 900 ATK while Viking Tiger has 1400


wasn’t she like 1500 upon release? then got nerfed before many even made her because of the campaign.


The nerf was random. If anything, it should have lost Immunity to Decel, but in the current meta, that would probably have gutted it too with the towers around.
In any case, that’s one more creature we can talk about buffing.


Yeah, same as Smiloceph at the time.

Maybe Smilonemys just needs a full rework. Apart from Procera and Erlidom, it doesn’t seem to counter anything important.
I suppose it counters Thor and Tenontorex too, but they’re not all that great right now.


That was the main debate on the drop. It just doesn’t have very many good matchups. It’s a good utility player on certain teams, but get a bad lineup with it and it’s a liability. I dropped mine after every single time I brought it out it was an auto-swap to Grypoly from the opponent and I was stuck.


Finally glad to see marsupial lion move up. For a creature that can kill maxima, gemini, and tryko along with so many other top tier hybrids, it finally got the spot it deserved along with the other top tier nonhybrids. Sad to see brontolasmus drop. If they buffed his damage by 100, then he’d be back again

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Yeah, that ML is clearly way too powerful. It’s almost caught up to its hybrid lol. I suppose that Immunity to Deceleration as opposed to Immunity to Stuns really helps.

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