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1.14 Tier List

Maxima ya and Gemini i can believe, but tryko I don’t see cause it cant prowl without consequences plus tryko got that ID

It can fakeout with its basic move. It’s all about prediction.

No kidding. It’s the reason why it’s the best creature in the CRE skill tournament. Even in a boosted arena, it’s rending moves allow you to just boost hp and speed. And the counter attack also comes into play a lot of times.

I’d go so far as to call it the best non-hybrid in the game, considering it’s relatively easy to gather its DNA, as opposed to its other non-hybrid tier-mates, which are all exclusives.

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So does gemini, and ml can win. It has, if it predicts correctly, a 64% chance of killing tryko

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In a boosted arena, it is. You ignore attack and go full-blown hp. And then pump the rest into speed.

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Did Indoraptor Get Nerfed? Why did it drop to mid apex?!

Poor Nemys… Although I think he’s still a Low Tyrant, I’m pretty sure he should get a slight buff. Maybe just go back to 1200 attack?


I honestly think it shouldn’t have dropped. It’s a good unique that has average matchups across the board, especially with the mammoth hybrids

I’m not sure about Inostrancevia being a Survivor, I think he’s rather a Scavenger

And Dilophoboa… She feels like the worst legendary, definitely not Alpha High


In agree with the rest of your choices :grinning:

Well I think I need do point this out, the fact that Indom gen2 is low tyrant is unjustified. The only thing it can do is cloak, and even that can be countered by so many dinos, and it has no chance running without using cloak. It’s turn one damage is abismal. And mutual fury doesn’t help if you are so much slower than anything else. Next point is the spinoconstrictor, I like it and it’s concept but is useless in high arena, due to everything being immune or able to cleanse themself. There is no way that that thing is better than Thor. I know Thor isn’t that good in 1v1 matchups but at the end of the day it’s one of the best teamplayers out there. If the list would only consist of 1v1s it would look very differently. There Thor is still better in my eyes than smiloneymsis or dioraja for example.

Really wish DiloBoa, Strictor, TenRex, Majundaboa, and DiloRach all get buffed. Though some needs it significantly (DBoa, Strictor and Majundaboa)

It beats Indoraptor G2, Entelomoth, Procerathomimus, Trykosaurus, Diorajasaur, Tryostronix, Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex, Maxima and a bunch of others, as well as dealing tons of damage to the creatures it doesn’t beat, including Geminititan.
I’m not at all surprised that it’s in Low Tyrant.

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what are you on about? constrictor is amazing. it has a job and it does it the best. It’s not made to fight immunes at all. It takes on everything else quite easily as it only needs to attack maybe once.


The DoT from Wounding Counter literally cannot be cleansed.


Thor is garbage. Constrictor is pretty good, but it needs a buff. However, I can tell you haven’t really played the epic hybrid skill tournament, where Indom gen 2 is the king of kings. It is usable in the end game and is an overall monster. If I had Indo gen 2 at level 30, I’d be leveling it up right now


Lol I do that to nearly every nemys that comes out. Grypo really toys around with the cat.

True but that also means endless rampages for the cat :cat2: