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1.15 Boost Reset - A Conjecture

I know that Ludia said the boost reset was due to a rebalancing of the dinos. Ludia is not exactly known for transparency, however, so it is possible there will be changes to boosts in Ludia’s drive to further monetize the game.

I don’t think they will change the pricing, that would be far too messy. Finally adding the Armor and Crit boosts though? :thinking:


can get behind armor/ crit boosts if…
A. speed boosts were removed.
B. Crit chance cannot exceed 50%
C. armor cannot exceed +15%

anything more than that would be awful.


That’s certainly an option, especially as we know they are coded into the game already from what I understand.

I honestly think they are going to do a similar devaluation like they did with 2.0.

So don’t be surprised if the new boosts cost more and less effect when they are reset.

If it’s a straight refund I fail to see how they will sell any boosts to long term players so I’m sure there will be a twist!

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I think you are not thinking lazy enough. Why would Ludia want to do more work on messing with something that the last time they tried to “fix” resulted in a loss of players and near lawsuits?

Ludia doesnt need to add any new boosts (that would essentially make existing armored/critters way too OP) nor devalue boosts. This is not going to work without huge backlash from the PTW crowd.

The trick I believe is the whole Co-Op families thing. Create multiple contextual teams and boost everyone so you can get high Damage per Round (DPR) and get better rewards. So now everyone has 5 to 6 teams which need boosting and components of these will be used in Advantage Tournaments.


I agree that they won’t do more to devalue them. This may be where they add to them. You know, as just a fun little customization element, nothing anyone would feel compelled to do to stay competitive.

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I think they are doing this boost reset because they finally plan to nerf Procerathomimus, Indominus G2, and/or Indoraptor G2. If they didn’t reset boosts and nerfed Procerat and Indor G2, imagine the outrage and the amount of players that would cry and leave the game.

I just wish those crutch users would still get punished in some way for devastating the rest of us instead of just getting off easy with a free boost removal off their newly nerfed crutches.

I suspect not just ProceRat but also Phorasaura.Both will get their superhybrid


I think they are nerfing some creatures, buffing others, adding creatures, co-ops and some other features, making boosts a little less in values. For example if they add 30 attack, 100 health, and 2 speed, now U think it will be like 15, 50, and 1.