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1.15 may be the final straw

If 1.15 doesn’t fix the arenas, and creature development, that will be it for me. I have put up with terrible arenas and stupid boosts for far too long. Way too many people complain about the boosts and arenas, yet Ludia won’t change it. They would rather work on emotes and other nonsensical ideas. I am always getting frustrated and angry because my team of boosted 30’s gets wiped out by a team of 28 or 27’s. Beyond ridiculous!
Anyone that wants to get upset about my “boring” emote, blame Ludia. I am a bad sport and overly angry nowadays at the whole battling of this game, but Ludia gave me the option. And the fact I played more than you have, and built my team with time and work, yet you can buy yourself a victory is Ludacris!
Rant over. 1.15 better deliver


Ludiacris :wink:

But agreed


Spoiler alert

1.15 will not fix boosts or arenas, so you may quit already and save time/deception.

1.15 is supposed to be about a new type of gameplay that allows you to team up with alliance/friends to complete some challenges we know nothing about. Devs didn’t mention changes in the arena, boosts or any other aspects of the game.

Best of luck managing deception :wink:

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I’m more worried that the game as we know it will change.
I’ll probably still play though if its pretty much the same.
Maybe they will fix rubber banding.
It really tanked my gas mileage.


This is the last straw for me. This beautiful game has been mismanaged so badly over the past year and I want to keep playing but idk if I can bring myself to unless major change is in store


I’m just hoping for a fix to three absolutely stupid bugs

  1. The disappearing buttons bug
  2. The force you to use basic default attack bug
  3. The random move buttons bug

Oh and a major migration and maybe a shorter timer for shores. I have no hope for arena balance

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Alright ludia I have hope in you. Don’t screw it up!


I’ve had hope for many patches that bugs will be fixed and boosts will be removed in favor of other purchasing options (like darts that give double DNA). I’ve expected nothing for the past few patches and have still been let down.

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If boosts were replaced with ‘double dna darts’ ludia would get sued

Boosts are ,unfortunately,here to stay

Devs haven’t really said much about whats in 1.5 at all. What we do know that may be relevant is a reworking of creatures. That could do a lot for arenas.

And a refund of boosts implies some potential changes there, tho probably not what a lot of us want.

Yes 1.15 is the straw for me and probrably many others too. I really am hoping 1.15 will be a good update, so I’ll cross my fingers for it.


This seems to be a theme among many many players right now and I hope Ludia sees that. I know top players that have one foot out the door and it makes me sad to see.

I personally have high hopes for this next update. I just wish they’d give us more information about it lol. The waiting is actually making it worse I think. Knowing we have something coming but haven’t seen much about it. Crossing my fingers for some real teasers soon and an amazing update that gives everyone something worth playing for :slightly_smiling_face:


I still have hope that this update will bring something great that will bring players back

My alliance is amazing, lots of big time players. Even many of them are getting sick and tired of the battling system. How many hours are put into battling, with almost nothing to show for it. I mean, thanks for this 15 minute incubator after 20 mins of me losing… and boosts I realize won’t be fixed. Guess ill keep seeing a 149 speed Thor. That is stupid, just plain stupid that the option for that is allowed.
And yes, glitches galore! Man, how irritating. I love clicking on a dino only to have it zoom back out, and I miss it

Honestly I have no problem with boosts themselves or the sale of them if we have the option to fight in an arena without them but we don’t. Rn the game is totally pay to win and that’s why Ludia is losing lots of players and influencers that cover the game. Like I can’t name anyone who still covers it that did originally


Just add A.I battles to arena and I’ll stay


Yes that would totally work, a boosted arena and an unboosted. The boosted arena would obviously have way better rewards, because nobody would want to join that if rewards were similar haha.
And I love the idea of always having an AI option. I just want my incubators.
And I also agree that Ludia gave way too much notice. I always complain at the companies terrible communication, and I applauded them at first for being on top of it here. However, that was over a month ago haha.

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1.15 will be the update that makes or breaks this game. It’s a big update, let’s just hope it’s a good one too.