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1.15....the anticipation is killing me

Man I can’t wait to the next update. Any rumours, any leaks, any moles in Montreal? Hope I’m not disappointed.

What are your predictions on change in gameplay?


Not really sure if anything. All I can say is that we will probably get patch notes next Friday

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My prediction: another colossal failure of an update.

The new co-op mechanic, if it works at all, will be very minor and everyone will grow bored of it in a month. Some new dinos that make either overpowered hybrids people grind for over the course of a year, or easier to make hybrids that are DOA. New sanctuary exclusive dinos, but they will absolutely not forget to put their themed incubators in the store soon after drop. The new changes will come with bugs, and old functional features will somehow become bugged. Some balance changes nobody likes, no nerfs to IndoG2 or Procerathomimus, no attempt to salvage the ruins left by the immune meta, and the sweet nothing promise that Ludia will continue hearing feedback from the playerbase to improve their game.

Pretty reasonable expectation I think. Too bad I won’t be around to see the fallout.


My prediction is

With the stat boost reset, people going crazy and putting boosts on 1 Dino making it a nitro monster

More new creatures, although probably not dinosaurs

Another unviable unique creature and an absolutely broken legendary one.

And finally

Drum roll please

A hybrid for yours truly.

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Yeah, wouldn’t get my hopes up.

But at least, rumor has it that we’re gonna have dinosaurs this time! Dinosaurs!!! Can you believe it?!?


I can’t believe it.

I actually can’t believe that

But what if they pull a 1.11 on us?

After that announcement with so many weeks of anticipation about the new features and boosts reset, they better be preparing a damn good update this time

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The only good update would be one where old bugs are finally fixed. Knowing Ludias track record, there is only to be concluded that this update will suck.

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For the prices they charge, it’s going to be a failure.