1/29 Update?

There’s a 300MB+ update for me in the play store. Any word on this from Ludia?


Probably another change of the premium incubator image.


Maybe it’s because the devs realized they have been jacka… uhm, I mean, pretty mean about Titanoboa and are finally releasing it into the wild

Well, yeah, had my moment of daydreaming, let’s go back to the false advertizing reality

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I’m now on version 1.12.15. No Titanoboa in incubators, no change to IncomeRaptor or CS, no change to Yoshi.

probably some visual glitches.
like the herbivore balls in the sancs, or that one with the dilophoboa and spinoconsrictor colors coming through on the holograms.

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I hope they are fixing the crosshair…

I just hope there aren’t breaking something else.

The update was for general performance and visual bug fixes. :slight_smile:


Does that include the invisible epic snake …


So I just did the scent strike tower and for the first time in a few months I DID NOT get these extra symbols and other visual glitches afterwards.

Thanks @Ned and team for fixing this!


Hey Dankysaurus, I’m happy to hear that! :smiley:

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