1.4 looking great


Wow, the amount of content in 1.4 is looking good. Got a free rare scent from Ludia and bought one…love seeing the flyers on the map. There is a flyer strike common…now apparently an epic. Love the detail on the battles. Have not figured out swap in mechanics yet. Awesome that there are more events on the map not tied down by parks!! Whew :astonished: Ok gotta go finish this strike…:sunglasses:

oh and they sneekdid this little change in as well…say whaaaaa?!


The Pyro now has Wounding Impact!? cackles maniacally

In fairness they did say they wanted to make Wounding more prevalent. I wonder if Allosaurus has had a change…


Yes, great new content so far. Didn’t do so well in the first few battles for incubators, too many new moves to remember. It will take this old mind a while to catch on. Folks will get some easy wins from me for a while. Just laugh when I do something stupid. LOL