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1.4 Update Findings


Probably slightly late on this because I had to work last night and Force Stopped JWA while the maintainance was active, but scrolling through the forums has revealed a bunch of changes, aside from our new Fliers. So far I’ve only noticed things around my house, like more green supply drops on the main roads and the rail trail, which is super nice and I hope it doesn’t go away. Also found where the scents are stored.

Let’s not lose our minds too much though; I don’t want people going off on each other and other negative things to happen, y’know? Just post your findings, and let’s have civil discussions. :grinning:


Here’s my examples. Also note one of the SEs is even bluer than usual:


Orange supply drops only temporarily turn to green event drops.

The flyer event just all moved when the previous event ended. Should be another switch a roo when the next event starts.



When did it gain Immumity?

Gorgo’s nerfed. Though honestly, healing was like a waste of a turn.

Majunda gained swap.

Gashing Wound?


Indominus had immunity all the time I had one.


Pyroraptor has Wounding Impact attack now instead of Impact.

Stegosaurus has had slight nerf in attack I believe. My level 16 used to do 1088 with Thagomizer, but now only does about 1059.


This change we get 2 daily allowances on green and orange drops and can keep track.


Erliko Gen2 was spd129, Erliko is spd 128.

And now they reversed, Erliko 129, Erliko Gen2 128.
Seem like a very minor change, but this let Erliko vs Erliko Gen2 fight totally changed.
Maybe this is what they want to do, let all rarity only desreve that strength.


Suchotator got a health nerf, was over 3k at level 18 now at 2.8k


Does this mean we can collect more stuff


Yes two scents not one.
More coins.
50 cash.


I honestly don’t recall it having immunity. Then again, I haven’t ever faced one, save in a friend battle. But with cloak being such a gamble, there are others who do it better.


Indominus doesnt get stunned or reduced attack or slowed. Unlike Indoraptor


Oh, Iraptor has it too?
(20 chars)


Indoraptor is not immune. Has a cleansing attack.

But these aren’t changes 1.3 or 1.4


Darting target points on Parasaurolophus changed. Previously, the two points were the tip of the head and the shoulder. Now it’s the tip of the head and the hind quarter.


Oh I’m sorry, I read that as “like Indoraptor”, not “unlike”. My brain is fried. I don’t have Iraptor, nor have I faced one, so I don’t know what it has. I may have Irex but I don’t use her, so chances are, I forgot she has Immunity.


They switched target points, huh? Yeah, the shoulder’s a bit tough to aim for. But then again…we have three giants.


Wow! I never know these info exist, that’s very helpful! Thanks for posting! :grin:


Was anyone able to spin a green supply drop before catching the ptero or alike? Always got the dino. Which could be unfortunate without darts and no other drop around. With earthbound dinos it’s still working as intended.