1.5 Darting Speed


Not sure if intentional or not, as several users reporting mixed feedback. My darting speed has been drastically increased in 1.5, it’s become extremely sensitive. I really do not like this change, and am hoping this is just a bug. Anyone else seeing this?

Edit: The sensitivity appears to be mostly isolated to Pixel 2/2XL users, and a few other phones. See comments for more information, including some reddit threads on same issue.

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Same. It’s garbage.


Give it to Lidia to change something that no one was asking for.


Since they made it so the Dino’s don’t run out of bounds anymore, may as well make it so you do…


Mine seems fine. In fact I’d say I’m more accurate now.


May be dependant on the phone - I’m on a Pixel 2xl. It’s not unplayable, but is rapidly approaching that.


I’m darting higher numbers than I was before. I dig it.


I prefer higher sensitivity so I can flick my fingers faster and get that direct hit :smile:


Galaxy S7, I like it. A little different, but quickly adapted.


Along with the Megalosuchs nerf. Still upset about that. :angry:


me too :cry:


If it helps, I’m on Pixel 2. This sensitivity change is ridiculous. I went from easily darting 250-350 on commons, to barely reaching 200, if I’m lucky. Several attempts had completely missed darts due it zooming at the slightest of movements. It’s even worse when you are riding in a car/bus. I’d reaaaaaaaally like this reverted, or at least an option added in game to swap between slow and fast sensitivities. This really makes me not want to dart.


From reddit:

Seems to be related mostly to Pixel 2 owners.


That’s what I’m using.


That’s what I’m using too and it is super annoying


I’m on a a Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 which I’ve been told by Ludia technical is a phone with a slow connection.


I went from 250-280 to 120-150


It’s a good thing it’s only on obscure, rarely used phones…


Seems the same as it always was on my old Note 5.

New update..changes in control

Ludia, any word on a fix soon for this?