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1.5 Darting Speed


@Ned , is there any update? It’s been 16 days since Android 9 users have been at a disadvantage with a frustrating experience, through a tournament and weekly events.


@Ned Yeah, I’m going to second Doctor_Who’s experience here.
In general my sensitivity had been behaving as normal, but occasionally I load up a dinosaur and it has changed completely again, I thought it was just oil or dirt on the screen (I’m a Baker, so surfaces are constantly dirty lol) But this has been noticeable in scenarios without explicable variables :thinking:


Not sure if I’m imagining or if drone speed changed for me today. Drone doesn’t seem to have hypersensitive thrusters anymore.


Still broken for me. Takes Ludia 3 days to fix a bug that affects their finances (daily coin limit) and yet 27 days we have been waiting for the darting speed issue. Takes the piss to be honest.


I think you may have gone a bit overboard of the darting speed Ludia. :rofl: This is crazy slow.

Edit: Can you introduce a speed slider? This is bonkers.

To be clear, I’m having trouble even keeping up with dinosaurs now, especially if they turn. And I’m talking about commons here, I dread finding an epic and trying to keep up with that at this speed lol. Seems isolated to Android 9 again. Android 7 phones and IOS seem to be unaffected.

Edit #2: A suggested fix to end this fiasco once and for all. Rather than a slider, a toggle between the two or three different speeds would be highly appreciate. You can have this slow speed, the higher speed, and one between. All parties can be happy.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought my drone as being drug through syrup.


they definitely fix it in this new patch…may be over corrected…


yeah, definitely, hard to keep up with dino


Just when I get used to the increased speed…so slow now! Agree very difficult to keep up.


seconded - i cannot tell if this is worse, or just back to normal again.


Have you personally tested on those other phones? I just can’t tell if I got used to the bad darting over the course of the month that they let the bug go, or if they just can’t afford a new phone to test their code out on.

It may be back to normal, I don’t know yet. It doesn’t seem like it is, but I can’t tell.


Gonna be testing on iOS today. When I mentioned iOS/Android7-8 being unaffected, I mostly meant that their speed hadn’t changed from before the update yesterday. I’ll hop on my bosses phone sometime today and test.


Tested on iOS today, darting is definitely better/faster/normal on iOS, vs on my Android 9 phone. It seems they dialed it back too far. The new darting speed/drone control speed is much slower than that previous to 1.5, verified on iOS phone.


I did try on iOS, it’s the normal speed on it, the one we had pre-1.5 speedfest. So we went from one extreme, to another.


Mine was too. Have a pixel 2. But since the update the other day it’s slowed back down.


So android 9 is slower than other devices for darting? Well. That’s unfortunate.