1.5 Nodopato options question

So I recently(finally) unlocked stegodeus and seeing as that it’s meta is ending with the update, will it be better to keep leveling it anyway or sink my nodopato DNA into Nodopatotitan and/or Gigaspikasaur?
I think they both got buffed IIRC and stegodeus got nerfed in the coming 1.5 so just seeing what you high levels think. My issue is coins so I’d prefer to focus only one and I’m wondering how to interpret this coming meta for which one will fit best

I made a team of long necks for the fun of it and it makes for loooong battles because they have a lot of hit points. Both Nodo and Stego can tank well.

I like the Nodo and Giraff for the instant bellow against raptor pounce as it halves the damage and slows them down. I used my level 16 Giraffa as my last dino against Owen’s raptor team for the win but started with 24 Stego. I used giraffa over level 17 Nodo because it had the 2x damage to ensure I would get the last hit.

I will still continue to level Stego because I need the tanks for these strike events and they are upping its hit points. If I lived and or worked in L4, I would level Nodo but I only get to grab an occasional giraffa on the way to and or from work. I can get components for Stego easier. That tends to decide what I throw my hard earned coins into.

Nodopatotitan is terrible in my opinion.

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Sadly, this