1.5 patch notes “unfairly” released to YouTubers 😶

So Ludia sent the 1.5 patch notes to YouTubers but told them they can’t tell us anything about them, what good does this do? It just gives them an unfair advantage as they know what DNA to stock up on before everyone else for the new hybrids.


So maybe 50 people get advance notice, big whoop. I’m sure the 500,000 other players will get over it.

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Keeping secrets is hard…

I don’t envy them.
I’m sure they want to share the notes with friends and family but having sworn an oath where they cannot must be driving them mad.

I’m cool living in patient ignorance

On another note: I don’t like it when Rotten Tomatoes gets to watch movies prior to their release date.


Since when has Ludia ever done anything fairly?


best comment ever

Oath? Did they take a knee? Pledge their undying allegiance to Ludia’s banner. To defend, and protect it until their dying breath?


They’ve been pretty fair except for some regional stuff like the indominus incubator and brachiosaurus at the Canadian Apple stores

i think players in north america have some advantages

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Just curious, what do you see us as having an advantage in? (Non Canadian North Americans, that is)

Blood oath from what I’ve heard…
Risking their first born sons if they break it.

Is it fair ? No.
But I understand


NDAs :wink:

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NDA could technically contain a blood oath and a pledge to protect Ludia until their dying breath! Remember, It is all in the hips! Just tap it in!

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Has people talking so it’s working. Hearthstone always does similar PR during the lead up to a new expansion. The pro players will get flown out to blizzard HQ for some super, double top secret event, then each gets to reveal a new card exclusive to their YouTube channel.

So a couple of things here. Ludia gave me access to the patch notes so that I could make content about the update prior to the release of 1.5. The only reason I even mentioned it is because I receive a lot of questions about when an update is coming and wanted to let people know one is coming soon. Does it mean that I know Dino A is going to be better after 1.5 than it was before 1.5? Sure. And if I were to spent lots of time and money between now and the update, I would have a few days head start on the rest of the player base. But in all honesty, I’m going to spend my extra time studying the notes and creating content that is ready to go when I get the ok to post. I’m sorry you feel this is unfair but let’s be real, I am not competing at the highest levels of the battle arena nor is it my goal. Have you seen my strike team? I’ve been playing since day one and just unlocked my first unique a couple of weeks ago. I doubt anyone would say I am getting an unfair advantage even though I have had advance warning about every major update since launch. I am more interested in producing helpful and entertaining content for a game I enjoy playing like everyone else. Finally, I can tell you that the update is really good and most people will be excited about the changes. I hope this clears up any misconception.


I am not going to complain this, because in other games I know, those youtubers also gain new information earlier than us normal players.

They even give youtubers some funding, and allow them to play some new characters before released to normal players.
But it would be great if Ludia could publish new patch note for all players in this week. We’ve waited too long for an update. It’s just feel like…


This seems aggressive…

And I doubt content creators are out there looking for ways to screw the people they’re making content for…

It’s a shame that we’ve come to doubt the motives of everyone so blindly and without giving the benefit of the doubt.

#goodvibesonly :v:t4:


Well, all in all, im pleased to hear that the updates are something to look foward to :+1:t5:

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It depends.
If they really take some complain seriously and nerf Monomimus, I might feel it not deserve to expectation.:thinking:

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People lets face it,this is how a game works.The only thing that Ludia does no wrong.There must be Beta testers before the release.Would you like to release an update and be the Beta testers the whole community?
As for @Poke_Fodder , he is a great as Youtube Creator that helping all the community to realize the game better,prepare us for strike towers and events,and ofcourse showing his battles so we can learn from his huge mistakes… :wink: . And If you wanna go a step further look at his team.He is far behind in the leaderboards even he has some days earlier notice about new content.


When 1.5 comes out having ready informative content is great. It’s a good idea by Ludia to have different sources.

It’s only the patch notes apparently. But if they got to try a new build I’d hope more than one group got special treatment. Share it around considering every JWA media are also players and compete in tournaments.

Unpopular opinion bur I think Ludia is being fair. Hey 1.5 might actually not suck as much as 1.4.