1.5 team question

Ok. So most of my current team got buffed for 1.5… only 2 that got hurt is stegod and tragod. That being said stegod is staying and i plan on maxing it still. But, what do you guys sugguest i do about tragod? I was definitely anticipating replacing with spintoasuchus, but its so low level (am working hard on getting it up). What other options do i really have ? Monostego maybe, but hes even farther off. Only other thing i can think of is to upgrade allosino to 20 and grind tarbo to make thor when the update drops, but even then thats far off of team level. Sugguestions??

This team is just awful … get rid of all of them


dude, do you even jwa?


Anyways, back to the question. What do you guys think i should replace tragod with

It out levels all your other Dinos…
Depending on what DNA you have stocked up, any of the new creatures appeal to you?

You seem like an intelligent guy. You’ve gotten this far, I sure you’ll find something u like :+1:t4:

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Im working on leveling spinotah. Its 1 fuse away from 21. Been grinding kapro for awhile. And thor is highly appealing and while i got enough allo stocked up to make allosino 20. My tarbo is lacking. I need about 5k just to make that 20… not counting 2k per fuse towards thor

Spinotah i guess? As bleeding meta is coming.

I see someone not putting thier monomimus or even ignoring level it, I like this. :wink:


But as for myself I’d wait till see how new superhybrid of Allosinosaurus doing. Hope she is fine.

Yea i have a high hatred for monomimus lol im going to push allosino to 20 tomorrow since its so close. And start grinding for tarbo. But spinotah is likely the answer for now

fun fact: did you know you get higher fuses on allosino if you are nice to people on the forum? :smiley:

Haven’t even cared about allosino until the past few days. Thats why its so low