1.5's whine about dino? 😭

After 1.5’s patch and changes. which dino are you now whining about because:

  1. its to powerfull needs nerf
  2. its overused
  3. cant level up
  4. to weak needs buff
  5. needs a tweak or two
  6. money pit that will be nerfed


you think should be made a hybrid of in the next patch? (im still hoping for a mimus hybrid)

im going to keep an updated list here of your whining and requests haha.


  1. long neck unique.
  2. Dimodactylus hybrid
  3. immune counter-attack hybrid. example: secodon+concave
  4. tanytator hybrid
  5. monolometrodon slight buff
  6. give legendary and unique dinos balanced attacks and stats so that they are usefull.

I want Dimodactylus to have a hybrid, I also want Dracoceratops to get one aswell as Monolometrodon. They need something, a Sauropod (is that what the long necks are called?) Unique wouldn’t be bad… such potential for amazing hybrids for 1.6…


i could see the long neck unique being a thing.

Yes, they badly need a represent…

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I still want an Immune counter-attacker. Secodonto + Concave = Secocavenator, Conseconator, Concavodontonator?
And I second @MyFishDrowned on the Dimodactylus hybrid :ok_hand:t2:


I’m going to beat the other guy here and say I want the Tanytator.

I would like to see monolemetrodon get a slight buff… Just seems to not pack a punch to me. I really want to use it on my team but it just doesn’t make the cut.


Tany fell off my team with patch, but I guess that was inevitable.

I want all the legendaries to have balanced stats, same with uniques! the non meta legendaries/uniques(there are loads now) have mediocre moves and stats and is only reason why they aren’t used!!! What is the point of making these non meta hybrids!? So many hybrids weaker than parents and then ludia give drac g2 sia dsr!??? Balanced af bro ROFL!

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yeah that makes no sense. why give that little bugger that move and not expect everyone to quickly add that to their team for a cheap shot… balanced uniques aswell

Dracoceratops needs a buff, it feels like the weakest of the easily obtainable legendaries.
Nodotitan could use some tweaking to be as good as gigas and stegodeus.
Monolometrodon should get a hybrid with koolasuchus for a high caliber unique
Monomimus should get a hybrid with arambourgiania so it can have some form of invincibility so it’s not so frail.
Draco 2 is definitely getting nerfed so I’m capping it at 15. Haven’t seen many in sorna though so I can’t complain too much.
A really good sauropod hybrid with good lockdown moves would be very nice to stop the runners while surviving the hits
More immunes and cleansers would be nice to balance the bleeders. Seco+Conca would be amazing.
I’m personally hoping for a Carnotaurus hybrid

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Tryko definitely needs considerable buff in every aspects - health, damage, counter-attack damage, armor - an increase of about 50%.

I believe it is not too unreasonable to ask for - since Draco Gen2 has such a huge damage output despite being just a common dino.

Mimus should get a unique with erlik g2. Give is some feathers and a bit more bulk.

Carno hybrid! Its what we all really want :grimacing:

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Exactly, we need a carno Hybrid!

We need a unique Sauropod.

an immune sauropod would be lovely lol.

Wuerhosaurus can hybridize with monomimus, an evasive tank will be very interesting.


I really missed something with a swap-in lockdown during the Dilo Duo event. Even a common would do. Just for strike events may be, for lower level players.

Carno or no carno, but the Vulnerability attack should be made accessible to Legendaries and Uniques. It’s quite a diverse move and way under-used.

Latest patch was awesome but there’s still a lot i’d love to see implemented. Buff magnapyrritor and add a bit more health or armor to Thora. I agree that we need a sauropod (long neck) unique. Honestly we need more herbavore uniques that don’t use the hadrosaur or therizinosaurus (spelling?). I’d also love to see a unique that uses the spinosaurus and raptor models since we don’t have any yet.

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I don’t have a specific Dino to whine about. My whine is what dinos? Everything is gone but for a few sad majungasaurus. While it has improved a bit, it’s still a sad desert out there for quantity and variety. We need more than this, both newbie players and people who’ve been playing a while. We miss the fun! Hunting is a sad chore now. Please bring back the fun.